Ask the Ambassadors Anything



You’re welcome! :xkaydotx:


Nah, not overreact. Double or how many check is fine. I’ve been there and still do now :smiley: :joy:


Question. Is there an app I can use on my phone that allows me to use community other than the browser?


Yup. It’s called “Discourse” ^-^


Thank you very much


Happy birthday, Kay @xkaydotx :slight_smile:


Oh it’s Kay’s bday. Happy Bday Kay!


happy birthday!!!


Do you delete old share your story threads? Or you keep it? I am looking for image I posted once and I think it was a share your story thread but cant find it in my activity feed. Is the old threads for share your story deleted or just closed like in old forums?


Yes, the SYS threads are closed. At the end of one week, each moderator in charge of the threads close the advertising threads and start a new one.


Thank you, @astarius, @SockMonster1 :heart::heart:


If you can remember which sys thread it was, I can do a quick search to see if I can find it (:


@xkaydotx Happy Birthday! :smiley:


Thank you! :hearts:


Thanks alot. Maybe I thought I had posted an advert. I thought I had advertised in general fiction share your story thread ages ago but cant seem to find the old threads. If you can help me find if there is any old general fiction share your story thread it would be great. But maybe I am wrong and there wasn’t one.


Hmm, I don’t seem to see anything :thinking: I’ve gone back a good few months too.


Ok. Cool. thanks. Maybe I am wrong…


I may have missed it too, but I did a quick search in the old sys threads too :thinking:is this an image you won’t be able to obtain again?


No. Its fine. I was just wondering how I had posted it. You know image link. It dont matter, I was just curious. Thanks for taking time to search


No worries :xkaydotx: