Ask the Ambassadors Anything



Happy Birthday!!!


Hi! I used to have a beta test survivor badge but don’t seem to have it anymore :sweat_smile: I changed my email recently so not sure if that had an impact :slightly_smiling_face:

@xkaydotx happy birthday! :slightly_smiling_face:


So how the system consider which books are Rising? Is there supposed to be a continuous growth each day or how does that work?


I’ve given the badge to you! :hearts: and thank you! :xkaydotx:

@stpolishook thank you! :heart::heart:


To be honest, no one really knows :sweat_smile: though it may include a blood moon sacrifice of egg shells and two fingers.

Though, seriously, I think it’s a combination of many factors, including how often you update, how many votes/comments you get and if your story is added to reading lists. It’s a very strange algorithm :shrug:


Happy Birthday! :cake:


Thank you! :heart:


We once talked about goat sacrifices. Dont think that worked though :sweat_smile::goat:


They only work when summoning Gav and Nick :joy:

Also worked with Lauren way back when.


Why goats?


I actually don’t remember? I think it started with Lauren during the beta because of the whole “sacrificial goats” and stuff. It’s always a goat :joy:


I mean we started that in “be discovered and discover” on the old threads. There was a whole long goat scarifice discussion to appease the ranking aglorithm. No idea how that summons gav or nick but ill buy it hehe


Goats, bamphoment, the devil, scape goat… it always works hehe




And it’s just nice, innit?

“Hey, I have a question, oh and btw, here’s a goat for your troubles. :goat:


Ill go with bamphomet



He is so badass


He is!

And goats are awesome. Resilient, can eat pretty much everything, have some very interesting screams, some tip over when they’re scared, they provide milk, and they’re just super cute.


Omg baby goats are the best!!!



Goats: they’re just an overall good sacrifice :goat: