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But maybe not the killing part? Can we just offer live goats as pets? I would love that if i were a diety.hehe


Oh yeah, Nick and Gav just have a huge goat farm where all the goats go and live happily ever after.

And all the Wattpad HQ members gets a free pass to come and pet them.


I love this image hehe


Happy B-Day @xKaydotx


Thank you! :hearts:


It’s great to see birthday greets to Kay but come on, what about @Sara91Helal ? :joy: She’s important too lol


Yes! I havent seen her in the threads today but i sent a fb message :wink: :birthday:


Thank you! :joy::heart::heart:


Happy birthday Sara @Sara91Helal :sparkling_heart:




There some user going around trying to poach writers from WP. I’ll shoot a link to their profile to the first ambassador that replies. (I don’t want to post it here in plain sight).


You can report their account directly to Wattpad, although I’m happy to take a look at the profile. Have you seen this?


I was just in that thread. I find reporting to Wattpad to be too much hassle because the e-mail I use for Wattpad get flooded with all the notifications I get from other platforms. So that email Wattpad sends in return for details often gets buried in the clutter. I also wouldn’t be surprised if another user hasn’t beaten me to the punch in that regard because this person has been spamming hundreds of works.


Agreed, reporting a user or an inappropriate work is one fussy job on wattpad. I more often than not end up abandoning this because the procedure becomes a tad bit too difficult to follow up and keep track of from time to time.


Also, completely unrelated question, but do any of you happen to have used figment ( now ) as a writing platform apart from wattpad?



My friend Lumi got this email and they didn’t attempt to reset their password. They’re wondering if it’s a known issue or whether they should be worried that someone is trying to gain access


I havnt heard about that as a glitch. I might do a password reset as a percaution but not through that email


Is there somewhere that explains the different genres of romance? I was going to post under sharing your work in that section and all the different subcategories seem confusing to me - what’s the difference between New Adult Romance and Mature? And what even is Contemporary Romance?


They’re just sub categories that some writers put their stories in, so it targets a specific audience (: if you feel your story fits in one of the sub categories, you can advertise it in there, but there is the general Romance thread that you can advertise in if you don’t want to go into any of the sub categories :smile:


But are the differences in the subcategories explained anywhere? It could fit but I’m not sure what the difference is between some of them.