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There is no written explanation, no. So the difference between New Adult and Mature would be that New Adult usually has a protagonist aged between 18 and 30 (according to Google :sweat_smile:), and could cover a range of different topics. Mature would be stories best suited for audiences 18 and up. Contemporary Romance would be stories that are written in the same time period that it’s created in, ie, as in today/this year, or if it was written in the 1800s and is about the 1800s, it would be contemporary to that period (again, according to Google, so I may be mistaken)

For most of them, you’d just have to use google, to be honest :hearts:


New Adult refers to the age bracket the characters are in or the target audience. As opposed to Young Adult, which features teenage characters, New Adult deals with characters between 18 and 30 years and the respective themes.

Mature refers to the rating of a story.

Contemporary Romance, is just romance set in the current time as opposed to historical romance for example.


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Thanks! Guess I’ll go try to pick one.


@lhansenauthor can i know why you closed my thread???
@KatherineArlene could you take a look at the forum i made?
@Spruce_Goose could you too??


Just curious, but why are some threads with trigger sounding titles allowed while actual comments aren’t? I flagged one discussion which I think @stpolishook got, but apparently the title doesn’t break a rule. Not criticizing you, just genuinely curious.

I understand depression is a real thing and people need to vent, but titles like that scare the heck out of me for the Wattpader’s safety.


The thread you are talking about has a title thats meant as a joke. The first post makes it clear what it is about. There is no question it is not a thread about self harm. Actually its the opposite. Its a user going to get professional help because she knows she needs a boost :slight_smile:


Okay. It just had me concerned since most titles like that usually mean the opposite.


I do like they have the new flagging option.


They can. But thats why we have to read more than a title to know the intent. Some titles need editing even in the content of the thread is ok. But that particular line? Its often used as a joke as well as in a more serious context so I read on


I also happen to be very proud of that user for taking the time to get herself some help and i totally get her desire for a thread to sign off officially for a bit and bid temp farwell. The clickbate title? Maybe others will see it and be inspired to seek help too if they need it. That was my read at least. Its all about context in this case and the first post clarifying the title


I’m currently undergoing med treatment for my depression. I guess everyone has their own view of what is right vs wrong to post. I’m kind of tired today, so my brain didn’t really register the first comment by them at all. Sorry for the confusion.


No worries. Sending you all the positive vibes. Depression is no fun but I’m glad you are seeking help! <3


can i Photoshop or edit a picture from Pinterest to use as book cover?


Will I have to take permission from the owner of the pictures for it?


You have to buy the rights to use images for Wattpad covers. Or, they can be free stock.

You can find free stock images on sites like and

I’d recommend against using Pinterest as the site is riddled with art thieves who post content they don’t own. It’s hard to figure out who the rightful owner is.


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Help is always appreciated :heart: