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A reader of mine is having technical issues of some sort and is unable to see a book of mine they are following and waiting for updates on - it says that there are only 4 chapters published of the book when in reality there are 10. She also isn’t getting any notifications for when I publish. Others can see the book and the chapters fine. What can be done about this? She has tried multiple time to uninstall and reinstall the app. She can see and read another one of my books as I publish the chapters, just fine.


She can try deleting the story from her library and then reloading it. See if that works.


Why do you make people hate you guys so much?


They don’t. Ambassadors and mods are just doing their work and following rules. People get offended if something is against there ideologies(in this case, the forum guidelines) and that leads to the often unnecessary disagreements.



Hello! I want to share my story link on the share your story page, but I am a knucklehead and cannot see a place to hit REPLY! I guess I need to hit REPLY and then post my link, blurb, title and cover (never gonna be able to figure out how to post the cover, sigh), but I cannot find the reply button. Help please! xo, stacy


Hello! (: it’s possible that your trust level isn’t high enough. Read this thread for more info: Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

As for your cover, I can help you with that, I’ll send you a PM :xkaydotx:


Question: Can fanfics go on the featured lists?


Yes. Two of mine have.

Btw: I’m not an ambassador.


Thanks for answering. I thought I had seen some there before, but I wasn’t sure.


Yeah on wattpaf fan fics can feature and can win wattys. Wattpad has always been fan fic friendly :slight_smile:


Being hated is certainly not somthing we aim for…:sweat_smile:. Actually, ambassadors are all really dedicated wattpad users who volunteer our time to help keep the clubs running smoothly. We are also folks who love the community enough to take on a bit of user frustration at times in exchange for being a helpful force keeping the folks here civil and sticking to the rules :slight_smile:


@rosebrown1k While it’s encouraged to use royalty free images for covers, especially if you want to self publish some day, I agree with @AWFrasier make sure you can use those images for that specific purpose.

However, if you aren’t benefiting monetarily, I’ve never seen someone asked to remove manipulated images from a cover for a WP story. Granted, there is a group of people on here who have said they will ask for the writer to not use their work if it’s been discovered they have used their images. I know @MakaylaSophia is particularly good at answering questions about artwork in general.

You still need to be careful with Pixabay however. It’s a hit and miss website, but most likely your best shot. Adobe also has images you can use during a trial which lasts a month.


Just curious. How long did it take for you to get Featured? I think I sent in mine mid December and still haven’t heard anything. So either I was denied or they must have a long waiting line.

Sigh… maybe a different story.


First time took 3 months. Seconds time was a surprise and seemed to have come to attention via making the Wattys Longlist. It was featured the day before the list came out.


You can have your work removed if the original artist files a DMCA with Wattpad.

And nicking people’s stuff is generally just super bad etiquette.


Then the DMCA just needs to be for the image use.They can’t claim the story if the writer owns the copyright for it.


That’s what I’m saying. But you still get your story removed for using an image you’re not allowed to.

Worst case scenario, you get sued. Several bloggers (who’re not profiting from using stolen images) have been sued.


Then I would counter sue, claiming that while the image was being used, I wasn’t using it monetarily. I’m not the one making money on ads when people click on them. That’s WP making money, not me. I would say WP is the defendant in the case, not me.

Of course, that means WP would probably turn around and blame the writer saying they can’t make money without ads and stuff.

I’m actually interested in if someone has filed a DMCA takedown of a story on WP before over image use. Anyone know if this has happened? The first step is to just PM the user and write a cease and desist letter along with proof of ownership for the images in use they don’t want used.


Doesn’t matter if you’re profiting or not. You’re using an image for something the artist hasn’t agreed with. That’s illegal. Copyright means you’re not allowed to recreate, copy or anything like that without the artist’s consent. Not to mention, steal from the wrong artist and you’ll have a mob on your back.

They write about it on their Help site too:

What is a copyright infringement?

  • Posting the copyrighted works of others without their legal consent

  • Posting on behalf of an author and giving credit to them. This is still a violation of copyright and will be treated the same way. Consent is ALWAYS required from the author.

  • Adaptations or slight alterations to a work, such as changing names, copying the events and writing them in your own words, changing character point of views, are a violation of copyright.

  • Using an image that you do not own. This includes making a cover with an image that you do not own the rights to (unless it is in the public domain).

Wattpad takes no responsibility for what you use as a cover, which is mentioned in their rules too. So if you got sued, you’d be on your own.

You also agree that everything you use in your user submission is owned by you.

B. You shall be solely responsible for your own User Submissions and the consequences of posting or publishing them. In connection with User Submissions, you affirm, represent, and/or warrant that: you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to use and authorize to use all patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights in and to any and all User Submissions and have all necessary consents to collect, use and disclose any personally identifiable information contained or displayed in any and all User Submissions to enable inclusion and use of the User Submissions in the manner contemplated by the Website and these Terms of Service.