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It isnt really about whether or not you are going to get caught. Out of respect for other artistis as artists ourselves, it is always important to check your image source and use art properly/legally.


You make a point, but I would still like to know if anyone has actually had their entire story removed - not just the cover - but the entire story removed over a DMCA. Because if the story itself was removed, then I could see more users leaving WP.

I mean, how many “covers” on here are copy and post from the internet?

We’re probably getting off topic here lol.


I just realized I have more posts on here than any of the ambassadors. Lol. My bad. XD


Yeah def off topic but again, respect for artistic copyright is SUPER important. As authors we should def be helping guide others to search out images they have permission to use


No worries:-)


I mean, if you don’t want your story stolen, you probably shouldn’t steal other people’s stuff either. To me it’s not about the whole “getting caught” thing. It’s about basic decency and respecting other people’s property.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people’s books removed because the original artist filed a DMCA, but I have no sources and can’t confirm if it’s just a good ol’ thread rumour.


Yes it’s happened. So far the only thing thats happened is wattpad removes the bookcover, but there have been several instances where the owner asked for the image to be removed. There was a fairly public one with a featured author. Can’t remember the name of the book now but their getting featured is how the owner of the image found them. They ended up working out a deal behind the scenes but the cover was removed for a time.


Hi! I’m not sure if I can post it here, but I have a book that has been ranked. Only, it shows up in the All Rankings tab but not on the list (for example, my book is ranked #110 in diverselit, but doesn’t turn up on the list). What can I do about this?


Hello (: there are a few hiccups at the moment with rankings - you have a look here for more information.

Hope that helps! :xkaydotx:


Thanks so much!


So I was wondering why reads are slowing down on my story. Then I clicked on my profile name here in the forums. Before I was able to include a direct link to my story in addition to the profile link to the main site.

This makes no sense to me unless it was a Discourse move and they did it. WP needs to make it as easy as possible to access stories from the forums. A direct link to the story is one way to do that.

@KatherineArlene is there a reason why WP removed the option to include a story link in addition to the main profile link? Just seems like a bad move. I was gaining maybe 200 reads a day with the direct story link attached to my profile and now I’m getting less than 100, even with doing the same things. I’ve really changed nothing about how I’ve been promoting my story.


So I’m still able to access it by clicking on my “activity” page. Before I could click on a profile username in the discussion thread and access it that way without having to click on my activity page.

Still seems strange. I mean, how many people are actually going to click on the activity page of a user in the forums?


I know that we’ve been in talks to have Discourse automatically include the Wattpad profile link on every users profile on here, but we haven’t done anything to affect people posting links or how they’re shown. I just clicked on your name here in this thread and I can see your story links in the pop up box.


Okay, thanks. It must be me then. For some reason, I can’t see it when I could before.


You can try different web browsers or methods of accessing the clubs to see if that helps make them visible. I’ve used the dark theme primarily and I know it shows things differently when I switch to a light theme.


Will Wattpad make the new profile pictures more various?


I’ll try it. It’s just frustrating to see (or not see in this case?) after noticing the read volume significantly drop when I could see it before in the normal version.


The rebranding is still in process so there might still be changes here and there. The Engagement Team and HQ will hopefully find a way to make the profiles stand out but still look uniform.


Ok. I like the new W symbol, just the current new profiles look all the same and not as good as the old ones, where every profile looked different.


I know what you mean, it’s been brought up by ambs and we also hope they’ll let us be a little more creative, but for now we’ll have to wait and see what they have in mind.