Ask the Ambassadors Anything



I hope you guys will be able to do it


I hope so, too. I was planning to make some new banners and covers for a profile but now I have to wait to see what they say


The question why do they hate us? Is there a reason? A personal grudge? Something we followed the rules and when we explain they don’t agree and feel like we’re violating them?

We’re not making haters and so is WP. It’s just whatever issue between user and us just don’t see eye to eye or they think we’re being unfair :woman_shrugging:


How do i can split the languages in the community?? I am only interested in Spanish post and conversations, and books, of course?


is there a thread limit or something?

wattpad wouldn’t allow @diccnity to post on the thread and it says his limit is up. Allots a time of 5 hours until he could post again.


As far as I know there is a limit of threads you can create per day


no, he didn’t create a thread, he can’t post


He should try again now.
Was it mabye some hours ago?

Maybe it had something to do with his trust level in the time he tried to make a thread

More information you can find here
Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


no no, he didn’t make a thread


omg wait, he did


Ok, then it was the day limit


hmm, I see



Would an Ambassador have the ability to delete a comment on a thread in the Cafe?

Though I’m sure he meant well, he replied to one of my posts with the location I lived and my birthday. Though I’m sure this is probably public information he got off my profile somewhere, I’d really rather it not be… out in the open like that haha


Question regarding Content Guidelines: The guidelines state that content encouraging illegal sex acts are not permitted, but what constitutes as encouraging? I’m worried that the series I’m writing might be crossing the guidelines because a large part of the horror in it is based on a sexually abusive relationship within a family. In no way am I encouraging incest or non-consensual sex and I explicitly frame these elements are horrifying and damaging, but because some scenes are from the point of view of the antagonist, the narrative adjusts to his (obviously awful) perspectives on his abusive actions. I haven’t included any graphic depictions of the physical acts, only allusions and emotional responses rather than explicitly stating what is happening in the scene, but they are still sexual scenes that are both non-consensual and incestuous. At what point would this be considered a violation of guidelines? Is incestuous/non-consensual kissing or groping a violation, or is it only a violation when genitals get involved? Is having incestuous/non-consensual content in your story on any level a violation, or only when it’s deemed “encouraging”?


Hi, yep, you can link it here, or if you’d prefer not to, you can send me a PM and I’ll delete it for you! :xkaydotx:


I’m afraid I’m not 100% equipped to answer that, but I think @Angelic_Vamp can help :hearts:


Hi! you can use the search bar to search for Spanish words/phrases, but I’m afraid there’s no way to completely segregate different language threads :smile:


I’m gonna be real honest with you, I’m not exactly positive how to link the comments. I think this is right:


Hi, I want to share my collection of poems in Poetry and haven’t had any luck. I really don’t know how this new setup works. It use to be much easier. Please help me

Thank you


Ah, I see! I’m sorry it makes you uncomfortable! :hearts: but because it’s so vague, I’m afraid I can’t edit anything out - if they’d given specific details, then yes, absolutely I could have edited it out.

Hi :smile: if you’re unable to post links, have a look at this thread for more information: Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work once your trust level is high enough, you’ll be able to post in #share-your-story:poetry :smile: