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I don’t understand the entering topics…Is that just anything that you post, like comments and replies?


It basically just means opening up a topic and reading the first few comments, you don’t need to post anything :smile:


So what does it takes to get the cool verified checkmark? Celebrity status? What counts as celebrity status if so? I’m assuming it’s a Watty, but are there any other ways to earn the verified checkmark for your account?


The verified check marks is for things like official product accounts/sponsors (IE: The Returned by A&W, NatGeo) or published authors, usually traditionally published authors. Haven’t seen too many self published authors with the verified marker.


Okay, was just curious. Thanks.


I’ve applied to many reading lists on official profiles. How long does it take to get added?


Depends. Some accounts are more active than others. It took me anywhere from a few days to a few weeks when I applied to Undiscovered, Adventure and High Fantasy and was accepted.


You’ll get a notice through inbox and notifications they have added your story if it’s been accepted.


Info is here and for writers wanting the mark they have to contact with WP about it. Only famous writers though like Dan brown (yes, he’s on WP)


How do we access the Graveyard for the old threads?


I think they died forever.


If you’re looking for a thread of yours that’s been closed, we can help you get to it (: otherwise the graveyard is pretty much only accessible through an Ouija board :grin:


As much you give explanation, the focus depends on context. Incest is allowed on WP though the plot the author is aiming for is the decision what meets the guideline.

If you’re glorifying then it’s banned (but incest isn’t glorifying per se. It’s actually depends on what type of content incest it is. For Bestiality and Necrophilia though, that’s banned unless it’s mention then ok but showing in detail is no-no. And Beastiality vs Anthropomophic are different)

If you made something shown in negative and explicit then it could be mature or everyone depending how many explicit chapters you have. Some explicit stuff that’s just one chapter but flows with plot could be everyone like sex chapter (think of romance movies) but other topics I think might be different.

If you were mentioning then it’s everyone since you’re not showing the scenes to the readers.

But again, content is something that needs to be read inside the book to know what kind of plot it is, what is the author’s goal and who are they aiming for.


im not sure if this is the right place to ask this but i wrote a song that ive been wanted to put on wattpad for a while but im not sure if its okay to do or not because part of it contains something that mentions self harm. its only one line and basically all it says is “More than I slit my wrists”. is it okay to put on wattpad, should i add a trigger warning even though it is only a very small part of the song?


As long as its not glorifying you should be ok. But yes, I would put a trigger warning and rate it mature if it has details of self harm




on the share your story thread thats for poetry, is it okay to share my story even though its not technically a poem but a song?


Id say thats fine personally



Is there a thread which helps people find a story they cant remember the name off?

I’m kind of desperate!! :sweat_smile:



how do I change my community username?