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I need help with my writing project which focuses on World Water Day. It will be celebrated world wide on 22 March 2019. Here is the project:

I have also released my official promotional video recognizing the best performers:

Since World Water Day is a worldwide event i want to get help from Ambassadors to raise awareness about my project within Wattpad Community :slight_smile:


you can create a thread in #story-services:writing-contests-competitions (?) put it there.
I think this is the wrong place.


I already did :slight_smile:


Hi! My main problem is finishing my stories and getting more reads.


do you like ferrets


Maybe this help in regards to get more reads
The Big Thread On How To Get Reads

You can also go to @KatherineArlene wattpad account and read her book “How to get reads, votes and comments”

When you have problems to finish your story you can always make a thread there #improve-your-writing to ask for help


They are the same ones I received


You can always share the link to these spam accounts here
Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!


Ok I will


I already posted to followers but only your club thread. But that’s all I’m doing nothing more :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for everything :slight_smile:


I tried the improve your writing thing you told me about but I saw that it was closed. I am not trying to be rude or anything.


I have a question, how do I see when a writer started writing their stories? I’m not asking about last updated or published. But like the year, the exact date that the first chapter was published? If I can’t how can I proof my story was the first to be published (on this site) but not the copycats? Also how do I keep safe from people stealing my ideas? I mean people can change the names, way of using words and publish as their if their own, legally it’s not valid as ‘stolen’ right? How can I be sure this won’t happen? What can I do? I’m sorry it’s long and I haven’t come across these questions so I had to ask.


On the web, you can hover your mouse on the Ongoing and you’ll get the date when a writer first published their story. Like this-

Ideas can’t be copyrighted. It’s the written word that is protected. The same idea can be interpreted in different styles by different people.

You can read this article for more info-


Questions here

Ideas aren’t copyrighted but if it’s word for word or the direction is same like your plot then it would be copyright. Similar ideas DON’T count as stealing or copyrighted.

And as owner you fill a DMCA which yes, you need to give personal information


What do you mean?


You can read this article for more info-


Not sure what you mean? The #improve-your-writing is a category where you can create an own thread to ask.
Sorry if I didn’t write it clearly what I meant.


I think that they were talking about this thread, Mat-

@AnimeFan4758 This thread ^^ contains the guidelines for the #improve-your-writing club. That’s why it is closed. Mat @matzeztam was directing you to this category-


So, I can comply to when my story gets published without my consent on another website still on DMCA, does the country of origin matters? Is it worldwide? Also is my nickname protected in the copyrights? (Technically that is a written idea of a name only I use it.)
I can only use that Ongoing function on the PC?
If I write a story about a movie scene I saw and put it in my book (writing, describing it) is it a crime? (not screenwrite, blended in my own story)
And how do I legally use pictures that aren’t mine? Do I simply say ‘I don’t own pictures’ does it count? If it does do I have to state that every chapter when I use those pics or just make a statement in the begining like ‘I don’t own the pictures used in this platform, all rights belong to their rightful owners’ ?