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Okay not sure if anyone can help me but I’m gonna ask. About two weeks a go I did a review and the person wasn’t happy. They started targeting me on their profile without using my name by used a quote I used. Oksy they messaged me and drama started. I told them they did a direct blow at me and they said they would take it down. But they haven’t and they keep targeting me on their profiles without using my name but I know it’s me because I am the only one that gave them a not so good review. Can I flag this or anything for I don’t like to be targeted


You can always flag a post for us to verify. :slight_smile:
You can also send us a message for help. We would be glad to do that.

Thanks! :hearts:


thank you


So I just got the Regular badge yesterday. I have a few questions.
It says I can recategorize and rename topics- does that apply on anyone’s topics or just mine?
And how can I access the private lounge area?


Sorry to say, but you can only create new tags and wikis now. Nothing else

More Information you find here:
Tutorial for Trust Levels




do you write books and if so how do you attract an audience?


A lot of us are writers, just as many of us are readers, too!

As for gaining an audience, there’s a plethora of ways. I’d suggest taking a look at this thread: The Big Thread On How To Get Reads


Dang it, I was so ready to flex the private lounge of my trust level to others… thank you :slight_smile:


You can also read this article for more info-


Hello. Is there a way to find out what tags are trending or “hot” in your catagory? I’m in Fantasy and trying to research which tags people are reading most to see if my story fits any of them. Thank you for your help


Hey there :slight_smile:

You can have a look at this article for more info-

And while at it, you can also browse this article-


I’m trying to create a banner for a thread, what is the width of the text bubble in the threads?


Never mind! I found what I was ;looking for!


Hi! The themes on here are responsive. This means, depending on your screen size, dimensions changes.

This might be a good guide for you to take a look at: #howtocode(on discourse) by eevee

Relatively speaking, 670px width might be a good starting place. Images automatically resize if too large.


This isn’t allowed, is it? Lots of people advertising their own stories in a cafe post.


Whoops! Did I do something wrong? Could you tell me how I should set up my post? I’m still a little lost around on the Wattpad forums. I am simply looking for stories to read.


It just needed moved to #share-your-story:story-requests, which I did :slight_smile:


You’re looking for this area


Oh! Thanks! Sorry about that!