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@Fallintsel - I already moved your thread there, so you needn’t do anything else. If you have any questions, please do ask.


I want to create a topic asking for some advice about creating a website. Should I create this topic in the “Multimedia Design”? Or I can ask it in the Cafe?


“Ask the Ambassadors Anything”

how come its not weird to call someone daddy during sex but when someone says mommy it’s fuckin weird now?


Is there a way to report books that aren’t properly categorized? I’m seeing a lot of books on the Fantasy hot list that aren’t really Fantasy and also aren’t marked as mature when they should be mature.

As a writer, this is really frustrating.


I know the mature one you can for sure report, but I think since going to the tag system the reporting for a wrong category is obsolete. @Angelic_Vamp will know since they’re a content mod. Look angel I tagged you for something different for a change :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m seeing daddy billionaire books mixed in with high fantasy and their main category listed as Fantasy instead of Romance.


Frankly, I’m not into daddy or mommy kink but I don’t think it’s weird to call daddy or mommy during sex. :confused: Those who think mommy is weird are…odd?


Since it’s about tag ranks the story genre are as Prisim said. For rating you can report or content ambs do look but it depends on (you know what I’m gonna say) context :sweat_smile: Though if you think the plot needs mature then you can report or PM us.


Unfortunately that’s because people think sexual fantasies are fantasy. That has been, and will continue to be, my biggest complaint with this tag system.


Yeah, it’s irritating to see that and taking a lot of restraint to not message people and say it’s Romance. But don’t want to start a fight or anything.


Unfortunately it’s best to keep your mouth shut because unless Wattpad changes the rules, there’s nothing to say sexual fantasies can’t be tagged fantasy so they’re not breaking any rules on that one. Now if it should be marked mature and it’s not, that can still get reported. Even though mature is now allowed to rank they must still be marked as mature.


If I have a draft for a future chapter that I’m uncertain is too mature (sex) for a Teen fic that isn’t marked as mature, how do I go about that?

Can I send the chapter to someone who can say yes/no/change this?


No one answered me :frowning:


Is it for your books?


Not sure what you meant, but yes, the website would help me with my bookclub.


maybe just ask in this thread

Someone from them should be able to help you


Can someone explain how a story can drop in the rankings with almost receiving nearly 100 unique readers, 50 plus votes and about the same number of comments before the refresh happened? It was fairly sizeable dent in the rankings as well and really making me loath the new tag system.

But of course our plees for a better or the old system back fall on deaf ears.


Ambassadors have no control over algorithms, rankings, etc.


I know. I was just wondering how it could have fallen. Really doesn’t make sense.


We only know as much about the algorithm as you do, so I wouldn’t know explicitly why or how it fell in ranking.