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Hi @thewitchsscribe,

You are the owner of your works.


Alright thank you for the information.


Are there any people who do custom/original covers here (not from pics on the internet)?


How do I comment with sharing stories?


I don’t know where and how


Anybody know specifically what day we came to start using these clubs?

Like… when they first became available & when the old ones were deleted?


Sometimes you can find people who will draw covers for you, you really just have to look around. You can check #story-services:covers-and-graphics and #mdc, Also you can use the search bar in the top right to help filter what you’re looking for.

@EclipseTheShadowWolf Can you specify what you mean? If you mean where you can share your story, you can do that in the #share-your-story forum, but if that’s not what you mean I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what you mean.

@GreekMyth These Clubs were available for beta testing around May 2018, and fully opened to the full community around September 2018, and that’s when everything was deleted.


Thank you so much!


No Problem :smiley:


So they haven’t fixed this issue yet?

I thought I saw this article a while back (like a month ago)


It looks like they are still trying to fix it. I’m sure they’ll do an update to the article when they completely fix the bug


Not just you. Even if I’m in my 3rd year (this year August) I still feel some things where I’m unsure even if I knew and learned it. Which is why asking again and again is not a problem. (Frankly it’s not only ambs, in real life I’m like that too :sweat_smile:)

Also check ticket record after any report.

You need web.

  1. Go to ‘Help’

  2. Upper right ‘Sign in’

  3. Click ‘my activity’


I’ve sent a ticket, but tbh I can’t be bothered to delete my cache. Has anybody done the tasks they sent you troubleshoot the bug & has it worked for you to fix the issue?


yeah seems like it.

are you one of the lucky few without the bug?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


I’m not sure to me as I clear my cache every morning. Some users say it works but not everyone does. Cache maybe not an all solution solving problem but it is kind of helpful in order to have clean memory or whatever it does.


I’ve had it for months actually, I brought it up like around September of last year. Clearing my cache helped for a few weeks but then it continued to do it. It seems to be an on going thing they are going to have to fix on the backend

If they can.


oh quite unfortunate. Very inconvenient too.

thanks for some valuable insight. I’ll just wait for their update

Thanks for the help :heart::heart::heart:


Hi !! So I just recently stumbled upon this community and so I’m relatively new to this lol But I think that this would be the perfect place for me to express my concerns. So I’m both a reader and a writer. I have such amazing ideas for books, and I am an author of a few but I always and I mean always delete my stories a few chapters in. I start judging it and downgrading my writing to the point where I just delete it all together. It’s a bad habit I know, but I just don’t know what to do or how to stop. Anyone have any good advice ? Much appreciated.


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: You can have a look at this link for more info on writing-

You can browse through these threads-


Hey, i have a question about the Goat rank.

If you have Cult of the Goat, are you still able to make wiki posts?