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Yes you should be able too :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, sounds cool.


This badge is given by Nick for summoning him in a proper manner :goat: and is totally unrelated to the functions of Discourse :joy:
Just wondering… Has he been summoned to this thread before?


Hmm, right. But i think the Goat Lord can be annoyed if he’s summoned by way too many people.


Yes he has been


There are a lot of books and stories here that are very short. Many more remain unfinished. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you saw a very first draft of my stories you would think they are gibberish. Now that same 1st draft extends to six books following my main character. Time and ideas evolve.


Please close this thread


Done :heart:




Thank you for the advice. I’ll forever keep them in mind :grinning:


I actually know tht profile. Lol


I actually read a book where the mmc raped a girl in the woods (bcz he’s a gangster). Though not thoroughly depicted, the mmc was portrayed hot and cool and in the end die happy as a family man! Lol


Good question…


Not that a search of this topic can find. Good Luck Cult of the :goat:


Hello! I am a longtime Wattpad user, but I haven’t been on in probably a year. I see A LOT has changed. I am so confused with the new club/community system. I can’t even figure out how to start a thread! Any help/advice would be helpful, as I try to figure this out and get back into the swing of things.

Thank you!


Hi! Glad to see you’re back :slight_smile:

A lot has indeed changed and a lot will be changing including the future I’m sure. Wattpad is going through some major rebranding and is trying to fix up a lot of old bugs and introduce amazing new features.

If you’d like some help on these forums here’s a link to a thread for new users. You can also speak with the Ambassadors and Mods if you have questions!


Excuse me, is it possible to share a chapter with one specific person before releasing it? I tried to send it over PM but it was over the limit :confused:


You could always use Google Docs, email them with an attached file, or some other third party technique. I am afraid there is no way to limit your books to selective audiences that I have ever heard of on Wattpad (excluding the Next program, I suppose).

Even muted users can still view your published works - they just can’t comment on them or your profile. If you publish it, all can see. If you don’t, only you can.


Have you tried email with your chapter as an attachment?


I agree with others on here. Google Docs is a better way to share things.