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And make sure just to give them viewing permission unless you want to give them editing privileges.


Yes, you can :slight_smile:

There is a 2000 character limit in Wattpad PM’s. You can consider posting the chapter in parts so that it adheres to the PM limit of 2000 characters :slight_smile:


For the last 3 days I’m having trouble in my works I am trying to continue writing my story but the page loads about like 20 min. And it’s not recording everything I wrote!


Looks like a bug to me. You can send a ticket-

Please make sure to give all the details and attach screen shots so that Support can identify and solve your problem better.


If it is not saving your works, use a third party until the bug is resolved. (Like Word, Scrivener, Notes, etc. - Personally, I use QuollWriter.)


Hi there
As I write in two languages, I was thinking of publishing my novels I already wrote in a language other than English. But I have a problem, I don’t want my account to be bilingual, so it confuses readers who only read one language.
I thought of the possibility of opening a second account of mine for the second language which is Arabic, so I focus on one language in each account, is that by any means could be a breach of Wattpad rules? Or is it going to cause me problems or reduce my credibility?


No. This is not breach of Wattpad rules and it shouldn’t reduce credibility. In fact, in my opinion, this will help you target specific language audience.


Most Ambassadors have several accounts! Don’t worry about opening another account. (If you think about it even Wattpad themselves have like 150 accounts for different types of communities)


thank you very much @OmaimaAkbar and @PurelyAliyah for the clarification
that will make my life easier!


Why can’t noobs (like myself) share our stories in the forums?
I’m trying this website out as opposed to Amazon is reader feedback, yet I can’t share my story, what’s up?
Am I supposed to spam msgs till I can or what?


Hi! Welckme. :slight_smile: You can check out trust levels and how they work here:

You might also be interested in this thread:


You are a star!
If I could bother you for just a moment longer.
Once I can, do you have a link to how to upload your story & cover to share on the forum?
Asking for a friend ; )


Um, ya know, I can’t think of a specific thread for that but I’m sure there is one. Lemme look.

In the meantime. I can’t tell you that if you open up the text box and locate the picture image along the top bar and select that it will allow you to upload images from your device or the web.

For story links, you can either post the link (copy and paste) or you can select the chain looking icon in the top bar and it will allow your to post a hyper link.

Example: This is a hyperlink


I reckon your apt description will suffice.


Thank you! I’ll try to add some screenshots in one moment.



Please forgive my handwriting.


omg, do me a favor & run for public office.
You are too helpful!


Aww, thx. I don’t know if I qualify for public office but I applied to be an ambassador!


My best wishes are with you :slight_smile:


Did you apply as well? And thank you :slight_smile: