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How do I search for someone through Wattpad? I tried putting their username in but it only pops up stories. I joined wattpad a long time ago and the interphase is totally different.



So, yes, searching a name in the search box (on Wattpad, not here in the forums) usually works.

For instance, I could find Mr. Gavin Wilson (a.k.a. the head of all of these helpful Ambassadors) by searching:

  • Gavin (First name)
  • Wilson (Last name)
  • TheOrangutan (The @ name)
  • The Orangutan (Spaces don’t matter)
  • ThEoRaNgUtAn (Capitalization doesn’t matter)

So, as long as you remember some part of their name, you can find them.

You may be spelling it incorrectly, in which case you could just progress one letter at a time and look for the correct account to pop up.

They may have changed their name, in which case search one of their stories.

If you can’t remember a story or name, you can look for anything you remember they have posted in comments on books or on others’ message boards because their name will change their, too. (And there will be a direct link to their page included in every post of theirs, too.)

Examples of above searches:
(And as you can see, there will be more accurate results if you can remember the @ name.)


Thank you so much.


If you still can’t find them, post here again and we’ll form a rescue party. :giggle:


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Hi Ambassadors,

I am after some advice but I am not sure this is the right part of the forum so signpost me on if it isn’t :slight_smile:

I am currently uploading a book but I also have two others that are like 75% finished. I have a nice little group supporting me at the moment which is lovely.

I was wondering, is there any benefit in terms of readership etc to uploading more than one book at a time or do you think I would get more reads if I did one book after the other? Not sure if I should capitalise on the followers I now have or try to keep them for longer :wink:




You can have a look at this thread-

You can read this article for more info-

P.S: I’m not an Ambassador. Just someone who likes to help :slight_smile:


Hi! :hearts: I’ve definitely seen it both ways. Doing it one at a time certainly has its advantages in terms of a dedicated readership, whilst having several might not have as solid a readership as your first one.

I would think that the bigger and more active your readerbase is, the more response you might get for multiple stories at once, but it definitely depends.

You could always trial it out and see how it goes having multiple stories being published at the same time, or ask your readers if they’d read multiple stories by you at the same time.

Overall, I don’t think there’s a solid answer, because it can definitely go both ways.


Thanks for the help!


Good idea. I will ask the (no-so-massive) masses and see what they think.



I’ve got a question?
I don’t know how to make a tread on artists drawing characters for stories?


You can find threads that offer such help in here, at Story Services > Covers and Graphics and discuss graphics and more over here.

And to create a thread, just click the New Topic button in these categories.


Hello, i´m new user


Hello, i´m new user



First, welcome to Wattpad Community!

Is there a question you have? I may not be able to answer it, but one of these fine Ambassadors will, and if you already have a question posted, they can answer it quickly when they jump on.

I will look for something @sarakbeeksma has posted a few times for new users really quick, in any case.

We are glad to have you!


Here you go!
If you want a link directly to the post, here it is.
There is also a similar post by @Nablai here.
Lots of love to these two. :hearts:


I wanted to ask something: How do you do a writer’s bio? It’s one of wattpad’s starter tips, but I can’t seem to do that one. Do you have to publish a story with it or something?
Please answer me back. Byeee!


Hello there :nerd_face:
Writer’s Bio: Do you mean the one within Wattpad the site or in the Community Forums?

If you’re talking about the first, you can do so at the Settings Page of Wattpad and scrolling to the About Me section.

If the latter, go to the Settings of the Forums, click Preferences, and then Profile, or simply just click on here to be directed to there directly. Then scroll and you can edit the About Me section easily.

Hope this helps!

- Mira (miramallows)