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Can we get a mod over here?

Taken care of - Vintaginity


Don’t worry, as soon as I can figure out how, I’m deleting my account.


You do not have the right to be horrid to people in the time until then. At the moment you are currently on these forums therefore you must obey the rules.


I don’t think it’s against guidelines or rules but because it’s not safe are people allowed to put where they live just out there? Not that I have anything against it I guess, as it’s just the state and city they live in but I’m curious.


I don’t think it’s against the rules but I don’t think it’s exactly the safest choice either. I think some people could guess the city I go to college in from context clues in some conversations since I live in the center of like three major tourist attractions, but I don’t post it outright.


That’s what I’m wondering. I mean, I totally understand it not being against the rules but I’m curious if the Amb are required to do something or what.


I doubt it.


Well, I see no harm in asking them. Never know what I might learn with the question. Maybe they like to know this to try and make sure nothing will befall the person or tell the person incase they don’t know the dangers.


This question is more out of curiosity than anything else: Can you guys check if I’ve ever been flagged and how many times?


I almost flagged you there just for kicks. :wink:

I don’t know, but one of these fine Ambassadors will get to you. I like the curiosity. Yes, Wattpad, tell us your secrets. :giggle:


We advise against posting personal information, and usually edit it out and let the person know that if they wish to divulge personal information, they can do so via PM, though, the context of the situation always matters :smile: if it’s just a state/city, that’s usually okay, but again, it depends on the context :smile:


We can’t see a collective amount, unfortunately :smile:


Hm. But can you tell if I have been flagged before?


le gasp

Wattpad share your secrets!


So I was scrolling through the editors choice and wattpad picks I noticed that there are only English stories there and you said it was world wide and all languages included. So isn’t the time to post these? or there are no one to read my story in my language?


We can see if you’ve been flagged before, yes. But it’s not information that we divulge as flagging is a private issue and not something we can share in general forum.


Ah. Okay. Thanks for responding.


So if I did want to know, I’d have to PM an ambassador?


So if I’m seeing my own story in the community showcase on the app, does that mean other people can see it, or is it just a glitch and I’m the only one seeing it?

Seems strange to be recommended my own story lol.



This used to happen to me, too. (Back when my old stories were still up, years ago.)

Others are seeing them, too, though it can depend on what they themselves have been reading, liking, commenting on, and whom they are following.

Depending on where you see your story, it could be on the rise in general terms, in which case others would see it, too. If you see it in a specific genre or tag category, though, it is more likely that you are seeing it because you read stories similar in genre or topic to what you write about, in which case people that have similar reading habits or are connected to you via following networks may be the only ones to see it.

Hope that helps? In short, others can see it, and it’s normal to see your own stories on occasion, with certain conditions being met.