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Okay, that puts my mind at ease lol. Thanks.


Mr. Wilson, sir!

I’m curious. Are there ever moments when you act like regular users and flag content, whether because you forget you yourself are on the all-powerful HQ team or because you see it better that someone else approach the problem?


Just to ask but is your language setting to your own?


I edited your comment as I didnt want to see that word anymore. Just wanted to let you know since the topic has been taken care of <3


No! Thats the problem?!


No, it’s just not information we share.


Yes, I flag content or comments sometimes. And there are varied reasons for that. Sometimes I might spot something just as I’m about to head out the door, so I don’t have time to give something the attention it needs. Or it might be that I want a second opinion, or just that someone is more practised or has better knowledge than I do. I started on Wattpad as a regular user first, but I also know that sometimes it’s simply better for someone else to deal with something rather than me. I’m not all-powerful, just a member of staff


A great member of a fantastic staff! Thank you for your response - you have greatly humanized a team I already saw as down-to-earth and approachable. :hearts:


You can check through the information provided here in the Help Center.



I am some questions-

First one is regarding the rankings. How does a story gets ranked and does the number of views and votes effect it?

Second is about the feature. How does a book gets featured by wattpad and what factors influence it?

Thanks in advance



Slightly confused, but glad to know Wattpad is ever on the move, advancing in the name of progress. Keeps me on my toes. :giggle:


Sorry. The forum has been down, and I’m trying to catch up. Got a little confused, but all is well. Fortunately, there’s not much we do that can’t be undone when we make a mistake. :scream_cat: :smiley_cat: :woman_shrugging:t5:



Don’t worry about it - you are amazing. I haven’t come across you much, but I very much appreciate everything I see you do for the community. :hearts:


So, this is the first time I’ve been able to access the forums in nine hours, both on laptop and App. Every time I clicked it, it said the site didn’t exist anymore.

Any idea what happened since I can’t seem to find any answers on WP support page?


I don’t know what happened, but I did submit a support ticket explaining it was down for too long.


As did I. I’m worried that everyone did this now and they will be backed up for days lol


Accidents happen on both sides :smiley:


I think that if they would have acknowledged on some platform early on in the day that there was an issue, not so many would have sent in tickets because they would have already known that WP knew there was an issue.


The actual :wattpad:attpad site was working, the forums are a different server and from what I understand they don’t control it. I’m sure with a bunch of support tickets coming in they would have added a little pressure if it wasn’t their fault (more if it was). :sweat:


Absolutely! I’m aware of this. But had they posted on the WP main profile or something, that would have been enough or at least something to help inform people lol I thought WP deleted the Community altogether for a while :joy: