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If I mute someone who follows me with they be automatically removed from my follower list or can muted people still follow you? I can’t find anything about following on the page about muting.

(I want to get the spam/hacked/??? accounts that follow me to not be following me.)


If you mute someone he/she will automatically unfollow you.
I used it to get the spam accounts to unfollow too.


You can read this article for more info-

You can have a look at this article for more info-

You can browse through this thread-

P.S: I’m not an ambassador, just a random user :slight_smile:


Muted people can’t follow you, like @matzeztam pointed out. (And by the way, this person is amazing. Check out some of his threads. The statistics on some are fantastic.)

They also can’t:

  • Message you
  • Post on your page
  • Comment on your works

They can:

  • Read your works.
  • View your page
  • And, I believe, vote on your works.

My knowledge is exhausted at this point. I am sorry if I missed anything!


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Thanks @xkaydotx


That’s why I’m asking if you set your own language so to check if your country own language shows it than english stories but if not I think like Niyeban posted or maybe asking Nick might help?


don’t forget to sacrifice him a goat :goat:


Its fixed but There are no application form in my language there seems be only popular stories instead of editors choice and other tags. So what’s this then?


Not sure. I think there’s a thread here or maybe I’m wrong. But these should go to Nick.

Edit: Incoming Changes to Featuring (should be the one)

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Do I need to sacrifice a goat to promote my story too?! God what a world we live in!!! :rofl::joy:


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I received this message when I got home from work earlier but didn’t see it until about 20 minutes ago. I haven’t responded, but I’m not giving out my password. Is this real, or is this someone pretending to try to get access to my account?

I just don’t see Wattpad asking for my password, let alone over the DM’s


Wattpad official profiles shouldn’t have a blank profile photo I don’t think. Did you click on the user photo to see more about the account?


Yes, they joined February 12, 2019 and everything is blank, no followers, only following the oficial Wattpad account and that’s all I’m seeing, no activity, no nothing.

When I read the message, I felt something was off, looking at the profile, I feel even more so.


That sounds like something to be reported. I’d report the account and if you can the message and if it’s not real Wattpad will likely take care of it.

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