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Hey I got a question for you guys.

Soda or pop?


Wattpad support would never ask you for your password. Straight up scam.


I figured when I saw the message, when I was younger, I’d have fallen for it due to the fear factor of having my account banned.

Sorry AutomatedWattStaff, I’m not giving up my 3, almost 4 years of activity like that.


I reported them and opened the image in a new tab, then copied the link into the report.



  1. They misspelled “phishing”
  2. “This suspicion has been launched…” Bro, do you even English?
  3. “…monitoring your API activity…” They’re banking on the fact that you don’t know what that means, but don’t worry, they don’t either. It’s complete nonsense word salad. The API refers to the framework with which the site is built.
  4. “…a human investigation…” as opposed to, what, an iguana investigation? The hell?
  5. What is a plain password?

All you have to do is read what they’re saying, like it literally makes no sense. Beyond the fact that its in your DMs. Wattpad support sends you things over e-mail.


API confused me, phishing I caught and it bugged me but I ignored it and was like “tf? When? How? Unless I’m catfishing my own mom and followers about my writing” human investigation apposed to digital investigation I guess/AI and plain password: my password.

That last one is what sent off the biggest red flag.


All you have to do is google what this stuff means, and also that literally no support e-mail would be so poorly worded. It looks like a 13 year old wrote it.

Not saying you’re gullible, but it can be easy to spot when you know when you’re looking for.

For example, what is a plain password? No it doesn’t mean “password”. It doesn’t mean anything. That term doesn’t exist.


11-13 year old me was super gullable but luckily nothing like this happened.

Now I look at this and go: seriously bruh? This is the best you can do? Made me use ‘bruh’


This definitely isn’t real! Wattpad would never ask for your password. Ironically, they’re accusing you of phishing when that’s exactly what they’re doing. Please report this. I’ll send in a report as well.


Already did :joy:


The spam has been taken care of. Thanks for bringing it forward!


No problem!


Oh my god, no! :latin_cross: :joy: (seriously no holy water emoji? Boo!)

I thought it’s same but since I’m American, soda.


How do you grow your audience/get the most out of Wattpad?


But another American would say pop!


Post here, a lot, and do read for reads. Make sure you have a decent cover, and that you stick to your update schedule!


Never thought of that :thinking: Usually I grew up as soda.

If it was Korea the Lemon-lime soda is Cider not soda XD


So there’s this one user posting about school shootings and rape in the cafe… how is that allowed? I would understand posting a debate thread, but they have posted multiple controversial topics in the cafe today.

Those two specifically could be hot button triggers for some users on here. Just kind of wondering why it’s being allowed?

I’m not saying they shouldn’t be able to talk about it, but the way they are posting and creating multiple threads gives them a troll like appearance and only here to inflame the community.


Hi! Just a random, non important heads up. lol The Romance Share your story threads have not been refreshed yet and from what I see, it was supposed to have been refreshed almost two days ago.


Edit. It has since been fixed :slight_smile:


I has no religion sorry! :latin_cross: :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops: