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I jumped off Noah’s Ark. XD


Nevermind Question answered


They are Supposed to Be Refreshed on Saturdays But I’m watching over Them This week and last week to help out. I usually do my refresh on monday so That is why They are late.


All good! I was just noticing yesterday morning and today a lot of the SYS threads being refreshed so I wanted to mention something on here just in case :slight_smile:

Thanks for refreshing just now!


No worries


Hello, how do you create the thread?


You have at first to reach trust level basic user before you can create a thread or post links and pictures.

More Information you can find here
Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


I’m not a club mod so I don’t know any club rules but if something trolling or breaking rules is there then flag is the answer. I notify to them about the two topics to keep eye on. So far it looks to be just convo even though it’s controversial but sharing opinions is fine as long nothing goes far into dumpster :fire:


Maybe flag it. And say that you think a trigger warning would be good.
(Momo topic received a trigger warning from Mods too)


I’m not religious either (although I do believe in god but not a christen. Don’t ask). I like the holy water for my eyes or to rid some demonic images :eyes:


Is it only me or are the forums really not working on Google Chrome?It’s been happening since yesterday and I really don’t know what the problem really is. Any help or insight into the problem would be appreciated.


It’s happening to me too. Been almost 3 days.


Yeah, first it was down for the entire day but I believe it was for everyone, but now this. I don’t know if it’s a problem with Google Chrome itself or it has something to do with timezones? It’s really weird.


I dunno either. People I know in America are able to access them, but I’m in Australia.


Same, many people can access it.


Hopefully it’s fixed soon. I’m getting pretty sick of all the glitches.


Me too. We can only hope.


İnteresting. :thinking:

Well, it is called deism, it is not rocket science. :joy: It’s fine.


I don’t know about other Chrome users, but it has always worked well for me. Things got a little strange during the transition of themes, but otherwise, entirely functional.


ok. My information about this is a bit old. I only know that sometimes user complained about not being able to create threads while using Chrome.