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Is it explicit? Then mature.

Does it follow the flow of story or just mention? (Think of like romance movies like fault in our stars for example) then everyone


It does follow a storyline. I’m not just adding a sex scene for the hell of it.
It’s the explicit part I’m struggling with. Because how much is okay? When does is cross the line and become explicit?
Is it okay to say “felt her wetness”? – “felt himself twitch and pulsate with anticipation”? “his aroused nakedness”? Because I’m not really going into what I would consider explicit details, but at the same time, I don’t know what words/sentences are the boundaries.

Because what about words like penis? Erection? I presume they are okay. But it’s the context of the sentence in which they are used that makes the difference.
I read the guidelines and judging by those, I should be fine. I would just hate getting reported and having to mark my story as mature when I don’t really think sex in the way that I use it/describe it garners that.



So came across a story that doesn’t have text yet, but this is the summary:

“Grace Ann is an only child that just stared high school she moved from Spanish Town to Montego Bay where everything is different
She used to have her own drive that takes her to n from school but now she’s forced to take taxi and be in an open environment exposed to the cruel world
When all the boys n perverts come to her for either money,sex,her heart, to get popular or maybe even all will she give in. And when she falls in love with the bad boy and the bright boy, which one will she choose will they break her heart or will she?”

It seriously sounds like the writer is planning for the underage main character to have sex in the story. I’m sending you a link in PM on the main site.


If theres no chapters then nothing can be done really. We can’t make assumptions about the content of a book based off the summary. I can pass it on to a content mod and they can decide if it should be monitored but that’s all I can do right now.


Okay thanks.


Also, my story isn’t showing the correct ranking for Fantasy on my profile.

It says 41 on my profile page, but it says 21 on the actual tag page in the Discovery section. Can someone please tell me what ranking I’m supposed to believe it is?

This seems to be a repetitive problem with the new rankings system as this hasn’t been the only time it’s happened.


If you clear your cache/force stop the app and you still get the same results, maybe it’s because the database hasn’t updated yet.
Usually, the ranking on the story itself takes 24h to update. The difference usually is between one day and another. However, if you notice it glitches a lot and this isn’t the case, feel free to report it as I don’t think it’s a Known Issue. :nerd_face:

Hope this helps :heart:


Okay thanks.

If there’s anything that the ticket with support from last time taught me, it’s that WP actually needs to clear their cache every now and then. :wink:


So why does the word “kill” get automatically reported in story comments?

Fantasy especially has this problem because there’s going to be a lot of killing going on depending on the type of story.

Writers can use the word kill in the story itself and you can say worse things in the forums without getting your comments removed.

Wattpad is the ONLY social media site to actually have comments being “automatically” reported for using certain words that I can tell.




The comment has not been reported as offensive. It is the automatic filter kicking in. WP should clarify this with readers.


Along with a list of words that are “offensive” according to guidelines when the filter automatically kicks in.


So, eh, for the past 6 hours I’ve been having constant loading problems on Wattpad’s main site. Yet on the Status site it says “All Systems Operational”… yeah… no. No, they are not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t think it was the word kill alone. It may have been a combination of words that triggered the filter.

Edit: But I agree the comment was innocuous. It’s one failure of an automated system.


Okay. It’s just that when I’ve done it before, it’s done the same thing in a different sentence.


But I can get away with “K1ll” in the comments. XD


Even if it says all systems operational, it helps to click on it to see what issues are currently being worked on.


I get that also when the site is glitchy.


It’s happened to me and my readers as well.

Did I answer all your questions that you needed help with?


Yes. Thanks! If it happens again I’ll take a screenshot and post it here with different wording.