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I’m using Chrome and everything’s going on smoothly on my end.


Why do books appear in my library even after I have removed them?


I thought i was the only one having that glitch
(i deleted one of my old books long ago but it still appears in ‘from your library’)


I just removed four but it appears that no matter what I do I can’t get rid of them. Ah, well.


If you have archived them, they will return automatically upon being updated.

If you removed them fully, however, it can be bug. This happened to me years ago.

Recently, I have found that it simply takes time for them to actually leave. If you return to the page in an hour or two, the stories should be removed. It may also do good to stay on the page (if you are using computer) to make sure your request for removal goes through.


@Poamzi48585 @Niyeban It’s a known issue and the Wattpad technical team are working on it. You can read this article for more info-


Ah. Thanks.




Do you have any tips for getting people to reply to your topic? : /


Something I’ve never been clear on, but what are the Archives for?


Do you mean thread? Well if you’re looking for simple conversation then I’d suggest creating a topic in the cafe club. It’s the club that is constantly buzzing and has the most activity! There are more chances that people will reply to you there but there are also chances that people will ignore as there’s always something else happening. However, if you’re looking for simple writing discussions then IYW club is the best for you. But make sure to actually ask something. Ensure that your topic is not vague.



So, try to use some dynamic fonts, such as bolding or italics.
Try to add some pictures to spice it up and make it look nice.
Add some quick, easy questions near the beginning and end (especially if it is a long post) to prompt occasional answers. This is important. Occasional answers to these questions are what will bring your topic back to the top as the most recent post in the Community.
Try to keep it light; use some humor.
Tag reliable users that you feel comfortable with. They can come and set up some beginnings of conversation to engage viewers.
Make someone want to post. Put a thoughtful question. A brainteaser. A riddle. Some sort of puzzle. Have them vote between different pictures, perspectives, etc.
Also, make sure your topic title is catchy, thought-provoking, and well…clickbait? It needs to be appealing. Making sure it has the appropriate subject tabs can also make it more discoverable.

Hope some of this works?

Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out. Very much appreciated :blush:


Thank you so much for the tips, Niyeban. I’ll try that out :heart:


The Archive is where you can put stories that you have finished reading from your Library. It can also be a great place to keep stories you are not currently reading but want to keep a tab on in case there are any updates to it in future.
Your archive is a good tool to keep your library from being too full and you can view it at any time.
You can read these articles for more info-

P.S: I’m not an Ambassador. Just a random user :slight_smile:


I hope you won’t have to say that much longer. :hearts:


Anyone still having trouble accessing the clubs on the web? It’s been down for three days for me. I’ve tried clearing my browser history, caches, cookies on Chrome. Hell, I even use the infinitely inferior Internet Explorer (Edge version) and it’s STILL down for me.


Try this. If have email notif you click and go there then you bookmark the thread. Mine works now but yesterday that was my loophole :stuck_out_tongue: :metal:


Why is it not working in general though? What even is going on?


First, I don’t know, so you may not bother with reading the rest. This post is just a composition of some of my theories.

Some people have been having difficulties, but others haven’t, and there has been no discernible pattern so far that I have seen.

It could be a bug on Discourse’s side, or it could be due to the large transitions Wattpad has made thematically lately. Then again, it could be the result of a routine update in something, or even a bug within Chrome.

Personally, I don’t think it is due to general problems as much as it is due to regional servers, but that is not backed by anything other than my own doubts. I know many users of Chrome that have had no problems, but I also haven’t heard of any users that are having problems with something other than Chrome.

If no one of another internet browser is having difficulties, but only some Chrome users are having issues, it is probably a regional Chrome problem. Likewise, it could be the same for Discourse if multiple browsers are experiencing trouble. I personally doubt Wattpad is to blame on this one - but someone that is having problems reaching these forums could check other Discourse forums to find out. If others are working, it might be on Wattpad’s side of things.

Of course, it could be something between mobile and browser, in which case my very limited knowledge of technology is exhausted.

That’s the extent of my theories and ways to find out which may be correct. In the end, I am sure developers much smarter than I are on the case.