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It’s not chrome on my end


@florianraven Same on Chrome. The forums have been acting iffy. Guess we need to just expect this whenever WP updates something from now on.


I googled the clubs on a different computer and they worked.


Okay, I’m fixed now.


Glad to hear it! :hearts:


Tech issue which HQ is working on. That’s all I have to say


Well, I ended up fixing it myself, so yay for me.


Hey how are you? I am writing an erotic fanfic. How can I learn about improving my writing style and how can I join a chat community to share ideas?


It took me a while to understand that new replies are posted at the end. top ones are all old. Isnt this design coutnerintuitive?


If you’re looking to talk to others about fan fiction writing, check out the #genre-clubs:fan-fiction category. You can’t share your story there, but you can have conversations. For general writing help, #improve-your-writing would be a good place to look.

As for the design, the forums have always had the latest reply at the bottom.


hey thanks for the reply.

I’m more used to facebook etc. so latest at bottom is strange for me.


Out of curiosity, is it possible to have a different thread section for read for reads? Since the critiques and feedback section is flooded with them, and all


They have been for me, it has started glitching since it went down for everyone.


Nvm, it appears it was fixed already. Thx to the team that noticed!


Yep! Can’t access PM’s.


You can send a ticket here-


I know, but the problem cleared up as fast as it appeared. Thank you though :blush:


I got the report back from them yesterday that it was a temporary outage. They fixed it fast!


How do you hide your pubic profile on here?

(I saw someone’s that was supposedly hidden.)


Preferences > Interface > Scroll to the bottom
And check “Hide my public profile and presence features“ > Save