Ask the Ambassadors Anything



This is gonna sound dumb, but how long to you have to wait before reapplying for the Genre Reading Lists?


I was actually just talking about this today. Apparently it can take a few months sometimes? I applied to two genre pages awhile back and still haven’t heard anything, but when I checked in with them, they both told me they hadn’t gone through submissions yet.

Don’t quote me on that though.


Well, I’ve been added to them before. I’m considering reapplying because my book will be completed soon, though. I’m not sure if I need to wait until I hear a yay or nay or just re-submit.

Thank you for the response :slight_smile:


In most cases it’s a requirement for your book to be completed to be considered for the official ambassador-run profiles.


Okay. Would it then be alright to resubmit if they weren’t when I originally applied? (I somehow missed that)


Sure! Just make sure to read the requirements on the profiles. Some have forms to fill out through google form, while others are just you sending a PM. :slight_smile:


Okay, I’m pretty sure Sci-Fi is still Google Form. Thx for the answers. Sorry for the dumb question.


Happy to help! And hey, there are no dumb questions here :wink:


So I’m 84 on asylum story ranking but it shows 114. for a week now?


They are still working on fixing it.


There’s a thread in the forums where you can give feedback regarding the tag issues-


Anybody know the timeframe to get an email for beta Wattpad on iOS? I applied at least an hour ago.


I think anyone who checks the Wattpad Beta box is enrolled. It allows you to experience the new changes and updates in advance. I can’t say for sure, but I think it is an automatic thing. You should be in.


For iOS I have to get a link download. I looked it up. Said an email should come. I applied this morning.


Oh, that sounds complicated! Best of luck to you through the process!




Question… I read the guidelines about sexual content and just wanted a little more information. Is referring to rape or other sexual crimes also disallowed?Or is it just glorifying it or writing about it in action? My story centers around goblins. One of the plot points is to make the reader hate the goblins and it feels wrong to exclude things like that when talking about goblins.


Referencing it as long as it benefits the story and isn’t just mentioned to mention it is fine. Writing it in action is not. You should be good with your story :slight_smile:


So, on pain of sounding stupid, what exactly do I write for a 500 word synopsis of poetry or when it asks for my characters’ ages applying to be featured as an editor’s pick? Like…poems really don’t have a plot nor do they have “characters”. I don’t know if this is an appropriate place to ask or not. I thought I’d try! :slight_smile:


Also, when do the Watty’s start, how do you enter, are you allowed to enter more than one story, and what happens if you win the Watty’s?