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I think that what they mean by all systems operational and what we think it means are two different things. We think it means everything but that may not be what they consider the ‘systems’.


Okay… not sure I like that, but okay. XD


The tech side of the team at HQ speak a different language than I do. That’s all I know. LOL


Truer words have never been spoken XD


Hi! Could you close a thread for me please? it’s over here


When an Ambassador censors a post (by deleting it) in error, and then follows up with nasty, rude, and defamatory remarks, what is the recourse?

Flag the offending post by the Ambassador?

File some sort of complaint with the management?


Sigh. Anyone know what’s going on? Just tired of stuff like this happening on my account, especially when I’ve purchased Premium. The problems seem to get worse after I have purchased Premium.


Seems to be working for comments now.


Done (:


That’s correct, yes, you can talk to @KatherineArlene about the mod (:


I seem to be experiencing a bit of notification delay which seems to be popping up randomly. At times I get notifs at correct timings and other times there’s a delay of 5-10 minutes. Is anybody else experiencing this issue?


I just want to ask a dumb question, so is there a program in wattpad where it can detect if someone is steAling ur work? Like posting it in different title but in exact words as you.

Posting, i mean, here in wattpad not in other site. Thanks!


Me too, same problem.
Like I just got a notification that was supposed to be there 15 mins before.And there are more coming…


You can ask Nick here

He is the Content Manager so he should be able to tell you.


If they’re pirating your work, there’s a high chance they haven’t changed every single bit of it. In that case you could use google to find out.

Just take a random blurb from any chapter of your story and then paste it into google. The first result should be your story, and if there’s someone copying your work, they’ll show up on the search.




Oh, that’s good. I’ll do it. Thanks again



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Self promo or no?


Dang you might as well be an ambassador as well xD