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I used to be one. Had a falling out with the old team from 2012, and I doubt they would want me back. If they were open to me returning, I would be willing to consider it. That was on my old account, but I lost the info to it and the email got hacked. Facebook page is the same, so they would know who it was at least. If that’s even how they still do things.

Plus I’m so vocally against the Next beta they probably wouldn’t accept me. XD


thanks :slight_smile:


It’s pretty easy to put a gif in the chapter while on mobile. But on PC/laptop you can add media, but not in chapters. How can I do that?
I mostly write on PC to avoid typos but have to come back on mobile to add the pic/gif in the chapter. If there is a way to do it, please share.
Also, options like central alignment and stuff aren’t available on PC version.


People are allowed to promote their social media links, swap links, ask for follows on social media. :katherinearlene:


Okay but she was selling stuff.


Oh, I didn’t check the links. Let me do that now.


If you click your cursor on a new line, you’ll see the images for adding a picture or video next to it.

This is a known problem and the tech team at HQ are trying to get that fixed.


The entire way the pages were set up made it look spammy which is why I decided to report it.


Okay, I will surely keep that in mind the next time I start writing.
Thank you, means a lot ♀


Okay, thanks. That would be a crossed line and I appreciate you pointing it out.


You’re welcome :katherinearlene:


For a problem with an ambassador, consult the ambassador-in-chief.

That sounds like “If you have been abused by a priest, consult your bishop.”

Grand. P’raps’ I’ll do that one fine day.


And @Ariador See if this helps


For me this got fixed a few hours after initial delays, thanks.


can anybody on here delete my post “Deutsche Gruppe zum Thema BTS Fanfiction (Share your story)”. Apparently, it goes against community guidelines and I can’t delete it my self. Thank you:))




hii umm so I was gone from wattpad for a while now and the format for the threads changed a lot. and I’m kinda lost. is there a manual or sth on how things work here now and how to open a thread


Welcome to the threads

Here is a guide that maybe helps you
A guide to the new threads

To open a thread you just have to reach trust level basic user.
More information you can find here
Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


ok thanks so much!!!


Glad I could help. If you have other questions just ask and someone will for sure help you