Ask the Ambassadors Anything.


I figured we should have one here too. So I’m going to tag the ambassadors that I know are here and if you folks have any questions, ask. We don’t bite. :no_mouth:

In case you’re wondering, this is the complete list of all the Community Ambassadors:
@KatherineArlene :katherinearlene:
@AliciaM21 :aliciam21:
@PurelyAliyah :purelyaliyah:
@Spruce_Goose :spruce_goose:
@Vintaginity :vintaginity:
@ClarissaNorth :clarissanorth:
@Daninfinity22 :daninfinity22:
@durriza :durriza:
@WorldsInsideMyHead :worldsinsidemyhead:
@xkaydotx :xkaydotx:
@KrystalM :krystalm:
@lhansenauthor :lhansonauthor:
@ClassicImagination :classicimagination:
@MakaylaSophia :makaylasophia:
@MayTijssen :maytijssen:
@Prisim :prisim:
@OmaimaAkbar :omaimaakbar:
@PCastasus :pcastasus:
@RachelS8766 :rachels8766:
@Sara91Helal :sara91helal:
@WinterStars :winterstars:
@stpolishook :stpolishook:
@xFakingaSmilex :xfakingasmilex:
@AuteurZ :auteurz:

I'm new here!
i left wattpad for a bit, and returned to completely new forums?
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Bless you


Aw. Not sure why am I being blessed. :joy: But aw :heart:


Because none of us ambassadors did it which is why I should be ashamed! :joy:


I just realised when I went back to the original thread xD


I have it on good authority that you do bite :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah we do

That’s our bite :rofl:




How many times did you try out before you got accepted as an ambassador?


I tried 3 times and made it. Maybe could have made it just once but that time they needed FB (which I didn’t have and still don’t).

If I didn’t made the 3rd try, I would still go again and again :heart:


Probably about 6-7 times if I remember correctly. I tried for the first time back when ambs were called “ninjas” xD


None, really. They asked me to join. When I first received the message, I thought it as a joke like a scam kind of thing. So I asked around if it was legit, and it was. So I accepted.

So… the roles were reversed. :wink:


How is it like being a Wattpad Ambassador?


xD that’s a loaded question, for me. The short answer: it’s great. I love it. It’s a lot of work, though, and requires quite a bit of dedication.


What kind of work?


Depending on what kind of amb you are, your work differs. As a club mod, you have to be quite active in the clubs, your eyes have to be open all the time and your feelers up and many of us are in several clubs. Also, just generally answering questions and helping users and helping out where it’s needed. Running the ambassador profiles is also a bit, because you’re constantly updating it, hosting contests, screening stories for reading lists, etc. It doesn’t sound like a lot now that I’m writing it here xD But it’s quite time consuming.


Do you come up with contest ideas or does Wattpad give you instructions of sort?


I don’t work on profiles, so I’m not 100% sure but I think the ambs who work for each profile come up with the contests, unless it’s a paid partnership (like when there were those contests for those movies like Midnight Sun and Love, Simon), then the contest is pre-stipulated.

I’m not 100% sure though so I could be mistaken :smile:


Oh okay that makes sense :slight_smile:
Do you get to personally speak with the Wattpad HQ?


It depends, sometimes they need help with things so they come to us, or if there’s a dire situation that we need help with, we’ll ask them. Like Lauren (uncleL), she’s from HQ and everyone here loves speaking to her xD and there’s Nick too! Personally, I’ve only spoken to about two or three.