Ask the Ambassadors Anything.


I’m not entirely sure why you’re laughing

I’m a grown adult typing coherent sentences and arguing my points well

Can you say the same?


I just learning about History xD Ironic really, History at school wasn’t fun but I love learning History on my own


History in school is almost always taught in the most boring manner possible. And it’s always the same story about the same group of dudes. On your own you can learn about the fun stuff!


Same! School History was boring. I’d much rather learn about weird facets of history that interest me on my own

What are your favorite weird bits of history?


well when you call me the person who lets other people get abuse…thats not very grown. When you are reading what i say you have to look at my perspective, not your own


More functioning than me considering I’m miss “didn’t make a dentist appointment until all the teeth in my mouth started hurting so much I couldn’t ignore it”


~let’s all move on~


That’s true! The stuff I write on is always stuff we didn’t do in school


Oo, I don’t know, to be honest xD


dude u gotta go to the dentist

u gotta dent


All my historical fiction ideas are about lesbians so lol DEFINITELY not what they taught me in school :joy:


I love history. Especially ancient history like ancient Persia and Eygpt


I made an appointment for december 7th.

tbh my mouth is a complete mess

don’t become bulimic

it’s not good for you


Sending lots of love, then :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Hahahaha xD

I’m a huge WW2 buff, we never really did it in school but I’m a foutain of knowledge for it xD


I’ve got a therapy appointment tomorrow and I’m dreading speaking honestly to my therapist about my relapse.


I live in quite a WW2 ish area so it’s all I ever heard about growing up. It’s a bit too depressing for my tastes, especially when you know of relatives that fought back then and what they went through.


I believe you can do it! Remember she wants to help you.


Same! Not about WWII, but the 1880s-1900s. LOVE THAT TIME, even though we were never taught about it


I know a lot about sex work in the mid 1700s…
Also vintage lesbians…


Two awesome things to know about

tho sex work in the 1700s sounds… syphilitic