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It’s just so hard to go through. I’ve been purging about 4-5 times per day depending. I hate it. I hate myself. I don’t want to go back there but I also am comfortable there and I don’t want to tell her that I’ve been having problems regarding food since my gallbladder came out in April since back then it was making me sick and I started vomitting a lot which fucking triggered me so much that well, yeah.

I mean it’s better than it has been. Before rehab it was 30+ times a day and I can stand and do all that kinda shit but I don’t wanna be like this

but I also am obsessed with how my body is

and i don’t think anything will ever make me happy

I have a flat stomach and still feel like a fucking whale

and winter makes everything worse because I have the thing were you get depressed in winter


Yeah, it wasn’t a nice time. We never did it in school so I wanted to learn all I could.

We did the economy at the time, but not much outside of that.


Looks like we’ve turned this into a conversation thread xD


we should make a genre love discussion thread now :slight_smile:


Sorry but this whole WW talk reminds me of the “I was born in the wrong generation” vine.


Probably best


I am definitely glad I was NOT born in WWII era…seeing as I’m Jewish…
also that vine is HILARIOUS


I’ll make one then :slight_smile:



I know…that time really sucks and it’s just so incredible what one person was able to do. That just comes to show that people can use anything as an excuse to show their true colors.


what does that mean?


Always again, I’m late to everything :rofl:


Well you know how hitler influenced a lot of people and was responsible for mass genocide of certain types of people? His followers took the opportunity to show their true colors by also participating. Kinda like what trump is doing now. You’d think the waters were a bit calm and all of a sudden we have an idiot running the country and people think they have the right to terrorize others who aren’t “white or american”.


Is your user public when you flag something?


Hello, can anyone tell me whether I should ask for help with a fantasy book blurb in the fantasy club, or Improve Your Writing, or should I ask in Story Services?

Like, I’m getting intimidated by all the READ THIS FIRST notices and I’m even wondering if I’m allowed to post this question here. It’s TERRIFYING,


No, anon so good no one knows who flags it. (Hopefully I’m right on this XD)


Hi @awesomesauce21509 ,

Directing people to your story outside of the #share-your-story category is not allowed. Because of this, I have removed your message.

If you would like feedback for your story, I’d suggest looking at #story-services.

Thanks for understanding,
Makayla - Community Ambassador :makaylasophia:


where can i see the old threads i’ve saved / subscribed to before prior to this transition? i had a cover shop then and whenever i click on the link it just redirects to the main page on here. i also tried to use the search bar but it’s not popping up in the results.


Aah, it might be gone then. Back then there was a notify about putting your old threads to transition to here. :sweat_smile: Hold on, let me put the thread of what I’m talking


tragic. but thank you for the info