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You can ask for help either in Improve your writing club or in the fantasy genre club. Many people would love to help you which regards to your blurb. Also not to mention, the story services. You can also post there but be specific which help you need. :blush:

Thank you!


Oof, I feel like I’m always in here asking for help :sweat_smile:

Is there any way someone could please help me change these polls from public to anonymous? Thank you so much!!!


Check now, let me know if I missed one!


Thank you so much!!!




Is there a rule against threads that are created for no other purpose than to try and pick petty nonsensical fights? Especially ones everyone has been instructed to drop? Because they keep popping up.


I’m monitoring it in case it escalates and will drop them a message but I’m not sure it warrants closure


This is the third or fourth thread like this. Time and time again mods say that this is supposed to be a friendly place. Threads like this are the antithesis of what has been previously said about the kind of community the forums are supposed to be promoting.

They’re the forum equivalent of vague blogging hate and pretending that anyone who simply states disagreement with OP is some sort of despicable enemy in need of being harassed into submission.

She knows if she is vague enough she can excuse it and if any of the people who know who she is targeting dare defend themselves, she can turn around and accuse them some more of more of being her “haters” for simple disagreement. And disagreement is something these forums allow.

It’s just very carefully constructed harassment.


I understand that and as I said, I’m watching what she posts. For the time being, this thread seems like nothing more than a rant and is not against the Guidelines (to my knowledge). Publicly calling people out would go against the Guidelines, but that is not being done.

Unless the thread directly calls people out or becomes a toxic environment, the best I can do is watch it and if it does escalate, a mod in a higher position then myself will be informed and it will be dealt with accordingly.


Thank you hater…I love that you read my post


Just as much wood as wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. lol


You need to chill.
And don’t flatter yourself kid.
I am not your “hater.”
I could not muster enough “care” to be anything but mildly annoyed by your antics.
I disagreed with you.
If you cannot handle disagreement, do not post in public forums.

Now I am done engaging with these tantrums.


thank you


@QueenCrzy101 @absentminded_artist Please not engage in a second argument in this thread. This was explained yesterday.


I have a few really dumb questions. I forgot how to change my profile picture on the forums and how do people send out announcements in wattpad?


Change your picture on Wattpad proper, then log out and log back in to the forums.


Your Profile Picture here on the forums will change after you’ve changed your Wattpad profile, you just need to log out and back in for it to register.

For announcements, go to your messageboard and check the ‘Announce this to my followers’ before sending


Yay thanks!


Thank you!


No problem :slight_smile: