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some questions i made a thread for but havent gotten an answer for yet so im hoping that posting here will get it more attention:

why is it that some accs can link to their amazon for purchase while other books will be removed for the same act? do you need to have enough reads for mods to understand that the book cant just be taken down or is it more like the smut situation where these acts should be reported regardless, but no mod is actively on the case except for when some unsuspecting user calls themself out?

also, are patreon and ko-fi and such subject to the same rules, or no? what about etsy and comic-hosting sites? sites for monetary gain?


@Angelic_Vamp Can you shed some insight on this?


Other books like what? Sorry I’m confused on that and amazon is not a money site so if you put in your bio or book it’s ok. I think it’s same with other stores?

You mean content mods or which mods? We don’t have power to rid of it but only HQ does and know. Sometimes we do know because we see them (I mean anyone can since it’s visible on profile) but again, power is HQ and we just report by guidelines.

Smut and everything is by case by case, so it doesn’t get removed just because it is but by context that matters.

I’m gonna ask but I think you can link pateron or ko-fi or other reading sites (etsy not so sure) but you mustn’t force payment or ask or offer money. WP doesn’t allow anything involving money so for example, user A has a contest book and prize is money or does gift card giveaways.

That is not allowed and violates the guidelines.

User A has a contest book where prize is kpop merch to winners.

That is allowed since it’s only things and not money.


How do you pm people on here?


Go to there profile and click message



I apologize if this has already been addressed (there are a LOT of comments on here), but do any of you know how long it takes for a tag to appear in the system? Myself and a few others created an unused tag (2018Undiscovered1k) as a way to search for new authors or books under 1k readers, but thus far the search comes up empty. I assume it takes time and x amount of people using the tag, but I thought I’d ask and see if any of you knew a time frame for how these things operate.


I thought it was gone? Of course not WP but Discourse. :confused:

But then maybe my eyes need check :frowning:

No worries and have you done this?

or clicked the tag in your book? See if it shows up and tell me. Also when did you tag it?


A group of us started using the tag a few days ago and I’ve been checking it daily for any changes. I’ll take a look at the link you posted though, I hadn’t seen that yet.


But no, it hasn’t started showing up yet :frowning:



This is what comes up when I click the tag


Oh darn, sorry to hear that. I thought maybe waiting 24 hours or more might help but I guess not…

I think a bug ticket might be the solution to notify HQ

I’ll try to ask the other ambassadors about it.


Thank you so much and definitely let me know if you find anything out and I’ll pass the info on. I figured I’d give it a little more time to see if it kicks in.


could you block people from seeing your post??


The forums are a public entity, therefore you cannot.

The best you can do is mute someone by going to preferences > notifications > mute. This will not stop them from entering or replying to threads you’re in, but it will stop then from appearing in your notifications.

The best you can do is ignore someone and flag it for a moderator to intervene if you feel something is breaking guidelines. You can read the forum guidelines here: Cafe Club Guidelines

If you are talking about the full site, the answer is also no. You can mute someone, which will stop them from contacting you. You can visit the users profile and click the three dot button and select mute.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or believe someone is breaking the code of conduct, you can file a report.

The code of conduct is here:


Favourite bands to listen to when you’re writing?


Coldplay, Imagine Dragon, Greenday, Blue, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Guns N Roses . . . I’m missing a few but can’t seem to remember.

I listen to orchestral music too. Currently listening to Scherezade by Rimsky Korsakov ON REPEAT. Listen to it, it is gorgeous.


1-When someone deleted his/her account and one day, decide to return, can they sign in again in same account?

2-When an account is deleted, can someone else use the same account name of which it was deleted?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes. When an account is deleted you can use the name then.


I think there is a time limit… maybe one month or something like that… I once deleted account and signed in later and it reopened but these things are tricky… deleted stuff on wattpad are not guaranteed to come back. its technical… screenshot above is from here:


How do I become Hokage?