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What’s Hokage?


You can read the details here-


thanks! :slight_smile:


I don’t actually listen to music when writing. :sweat_smile:

When you respect people and save the day like Naruto did. :stuck_out_tongue: :metal:


But I’m not a main character tho :cry:


Aw man… Unless you write yourself as a main and push the current hokage and become the hokage :rofl:


Dang. Guess I’m done for then :confused:


Nah, fanfic :sunglasses: It’s fun


True. I wanna do a RWBY one after watching the new first episode


woah, the community page looks so different. I haven’t been on this in so long, how do I create my own forum?


Hi! A few months ago Wattpad changed their forum software.

To create a new thread, you’ll need a higher trust level. To see what you need to do, look here: Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work



So when you and another ambassador pinned an announcement, I got a notice saying that I was mentioned in your pinned announcement. But you and the other ambassador did not tag me.

Notifications for other pinned announcements were the way they should be. Is this something being tested for when following an Ambassador? In both cases, it was related to the contests.


Which announcement was it? And not that I know of :confused:

And you mean in WP notification or here?


Main writing site. It said @Angelic_Vamp mentioned you. But you didn’t tag me. It was the one you just sent out.


Hmm, maybe it’s another word for broadcast? I’m gonna ask :confused:


Thanks! I’ll try taking a screenshot here in a second.


Hmm, actually, it shows up on my end that way, too!

BDaD 290: You Will Be Found

Omg, Inuyasha! fan girling



I don’t think it’s purely an Amb thing, because I have another announcement from someone above Angel’s and it appears normally