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Weird. Maybe it’s just another glitch then.


That is odd. Ugh, yeah, must be the bugs. It is December, the winter cold :grimacing:


I get the same thing :worried:
It does it for all users for me.

I may or may not just ignore all broadcasts because of this :see_no_evil:



Well now, this gives me hope I’ll become Wattpad famous through some glitch that randomly shows my tag on each announcement. XD


What does the little finger icon mean?


I’m used to the arrow,


and the heart,


but this one is new.


It means someone invited you to the thread, if I’m not mistaken.


huh. cool.


Hello! I have a question
So there’s a thread in which some people (including me) have been RP and we use it just for role-playing but someone pointed out, we can’t RP in the forums and no Amb has come in to say so yet lol
Anyway, my question is can we keep using that or do we have to stop?
@xkaydotx @Angelic_Vamp


Roleplaying is forbidden in the forum.


So we should stop then?




Alright thanks :slight_smile:


I am sure Kay will be so nice and close it for you


Let me just notify the other people


Yep, Matze is correct. You can’t rp in the clubs, you can , however, create a story to roleplay there or roleplay on your message board.

If you link me to it, I’ll close it for you.

Edit: sorry, didn’t see the previous responses! I’m on mobile and i hate how it takes the whole screen :roll_eyes:


@HavenStiel here


I am not happy about it either.
Had to close my religion thread because of it as it could count as rp.


Yeah, I remember that… well rules are rules… some RPs are crazy




Let the thread owner just come here :slight_smile:
Thanks for your time