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In curious about this because there is nothing in the guidelines about it. I just read through what is prohibited and it only mentioned sexual roleplaying. Not normal roleplaying.


Do you mean the content guidlines on the support website?
Roleplay is allowed on wattpad, just not in the forums.
Idk why, but something about hard to monitor everything.


So how to I get to the guidelines for forums?


give me a sec


Also I’m curious as to why it’s banned. If it’s harmless and not bothering anyone, why the ban?


Number eight: Cafe Club Guidelines

If you’re interested in roleplaying with others, we have an advertising thread where you can find or advertise your own profile-run roleplays here . Roleplay is not allowed in these forums.


@MakaylaSophia posted it


So when I read that it sounded to be that it’s not allowed if it has sexual content in it.


Because it’s so fast moving, it’s hard to keep track of, and it can eacalate at any point, that’s the main reason it’s not allowed in the clubs. When hosted on your profile, via a story, or via pm, it’s in a more controlled environment, so to speak, and if it goes out of hand, you can report it or put a stop to it.

We are several mods, but we aren’t always on to catch it if it gets out of hand in the clubs, hence, the rule.

I hope that makes sense?


It explicitly states, “roleplaying is not allowed in these forums.” There is no grey area.

You can, however, advertise via the threads (linked in the rule) a role play ran on a profile. Here:




Can you post your book in more than one weekly Share Your Story genre threads? For example, if your story is fantasy and paranormal, can you make one post under each?


Hope this helps


Ah, thank you!


I am glad I could help


When I read a book offline, is the reads counted ??? Or it would be counted when I go back to online again …?


Yes, they are counted. The reads are synced/registered whenever you come online.


how do i create a new thread/discussion? i haven’t used the new wattpadwriters site since the last time i used wattpad’s community threads was when it was still a wattpad tab on the same website


To start a topic, just click the ‘New Topic’ button on the homepage here on the forums :slight_smile:


How do you create your own hashtags for your threads? I can’t seem t figure it out :smiley: