Ask the Ambassadors Anything.


Hey you have to be trust level regular to create new tags.
If you want one just ask here and someone who is able to create new tags, will help you.

Hope I understood your question right.




Is that HP in manga style? :heart_eyes: If not then oops!


The announcements did it again.


Not from you but from Hidden Gems.


Yeah, still no answer and solution as even some ambassadors are having it too. :frowning:



I’m neither pleased or delighted. XD


Not same but this can be the gif for ‘pleased to delighted’ :rofl:


And followers aren’t refreshing. Got two notifs for followers and it’s still at 598.


Maybe they follow unfollow? Or timing needs time…


For two at once? :thinking:


Eh, just guessing :woman_shrugging: Makes no sense but either that or the December cold lol


Maybe WP should spend some of that Next money on a heater. XD


And now the site is kicking me out again.


Tried clearing your cache yet? :nerd_face:


I’ve tried everything Support has recommended and that’s one of the things they do but it doesn’t work.

Happens on Chrome also.


And Chrome is something I just installed on my computer to check for this problem to see if it was my browser.


Hey Hii!
I have a question :thinking:
What are the age limits to become an ambassador?

☠️Hell's Critiques (Always Open 50% & hell 50% friendship)

Hi, @Larashyren12 — You must be at least18 but not over 120. oldman

☠️Hell's Critiques (Always Open 50% & hell 50% friendship)

:joy::joy::joy: thank God I am not over one hundred twenty​:disappointed_relieved:
Well I guess I have to wait for one year now to achieve my goal😇