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So this is a really random question but…

Is anybody else having a problem with their library?

For example, I haven’t been on WP lately to read so I haven’t really looked at my library until recently and I discovered that many of the stories I’ve delete (like I’ve read then deleted them from the library ) won’t delete…

So I tried deleting them again just now and they delete… then when I refresh the page they appear again…

The same thing goes when I try to archive a book. It just reappears in my library…

I tried logging out then logging back in but nada.


It’s a known issue, but submit a ticket all the same - the more info HQ has, the better they can solve the issue :hibiscus:


Okie dokie. Thank you!


hi there, still pretty baffled by the new forums after a lengthy hiatus but while I don’t think rp in the threads was ever allowed is there a specific reason?


Hope this answers your question


Hi, I’m new to site. Have a question, uploaded parts of my story, it shows up in my profile. But will not show up in search for story. Thanks, Mark


New here or you mean WP? And welcome! :smiley:

Might be because of this I think


@Angelic_Vamp Not really sure how else to report this, but the author even admits in the summary the story isn’t their own and it’s number 1 in the Fantasy Hot List? :thinking::thinking:é-sè-fēng-máng-绝色锋芒-stunning-edge

How many people get their stories stolen? (POLL)

Edit. Looks like the entire account is plagiarizing stories.


Do you know what’s annoying with asian novels? That even you know a Chinese shopping site they don’t have all stories and contacting author isn’t easy either :frowning: I mean some are there but some aren’t and that makes them left alone.

Japanese aren’t so bad but I get irritated with Vietnamese and Chinese novels because the stores don’t have it :sob: :angry:

But I’ll try to look and report it


But having a plagiarized story number one on the hot list looks VERY BAD. Not sure if it’s worse for Wattpad or the account plagiarizing the stories.


And that’s against 33,000 stories. XD


I know which WP is serious with copyright although if there’s no exact sample or the real author contacting WP then they can’t help. American (or any western side of the continent) novels are so easy since amazon has them.


I’m going to be honest. I’ll probably create another discussion if it doesn’t get taken down, but blot out the name and account name as well.

I sincerely hope Wattpad ups their game on this or at least removes the tags from the stories the account is copying.


And I appreciate you trying to get something done about it. This is probably the biggest case of plagiarism that I have come across.


Lol: from the profile bio:

"All the works in my profile are not mine.

This is for offline reading purpose only.

Credit to the owners.

Someday I will delete these books on wattpad to avoid being reported of plagiarism."


I have to check tomorrow though