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I’ll give it a few days and I’m talking about it with a few other Fantasy authors to see if we can do something that could hopefully get Wattpad’s attention if your efforts don’t work. A plagiarized story does not belong anywhere on Wattpad, especially the Hot List. And especially at number 1.

But hoping Wattpad will listen to you.


If they need me to screenshot it, I can only really do it here since I don’t have a good way of sending it to their email or the support page.


Also, there are other accounts with plagiarized work commenting on the conversation board of the reported profile. Took some screenshots of that as well.



Account is closed


Thanks! That was fast! I’m delighted. :slight_smile:


That’s not by me btw but glad it’s gone and screenshot go in ticket record.

You need web as it’s easier.

  1. Go to ‘Help’

  2. Upper right ‘sign in’

  3. click ‘My activity’

You can also know ticket got sent or not


is there porn on here


I’m assuming that you’re talking about purely smutty stories, or media that is pornographic?
I can’t say that there’s none, that’s hard to promise, but what I can say is that Wattpad doesn’t allow it and HQ removes stories that break the Content Guidelines, which you can find here.


Hey guys. It was suggested that I come here with a question I had.

Before I ask it, I would like to note that I’ve noticed that Wattpad’s current reporting system significantly limits the ability to report things that are against the content rules official laid out—as a specific example, the only sexually-related option I now see in the app’s reporting feature is to report something for pornographic content, but there’s nothing for things like sex trafficking, illegal relationships, etc.

Now there’s only the pornographic-content option, and it requests a specific location for the content.

In any case, even with the current arrangements that make it harder to report anything, wouldn’t something like a smut anthology—self-proclaimed, no less—still be considered a rules violation?

wattpad walkout.

What is the mysterious “New User Tutorial” you can get a badge for completing? I was looking through badges and people seem to be getting it as they join and I’m just confused.


Hi :smile:

There may be limited options, but if you choose one that relates, in any way, to what you’re reporting, you can select that option and just be as detailed as possible as to what you’re reporting in the body of the report. When asked for a specific location, you can state in which chapters said activities appear, or if it’s the whole story, you can state that too. It usually asks for a link, so you can just put in the link to the story there.

I hope that helps! :xkaydotx:

It’s something that the robotambassador starts with you when you first join the clubs. you can just tag @/RobotAmbassador and say start new user here, or in another thread and the robotambassador should contact you (:


Thank you–that does help! (And it’s appreciated that you took the time to respond to that side note!) I’d considered doing something like that, but was concerned such reports would get dismissed or sanctioned for not technically fitting the selected category.

Whew, didn’t expect such a quick reply! Now I just need an answer about the anthology matter, and I’ll be all set here. ^-^


Only a pleasure :bluehearts: and the more detail you give in a report, the better it is, so don’t worry about it ever being off topic/irrelevant, because it will reach the right person, even if it takes a bit of time :xkaydotx:

Edit: about the anthology, you’d be best reporting it! (: I can’t say now if it’s banned or not, having not seen it, but reporting is always the best way to go!


Is it possible to get an emoji? I knew it was possible in the beta if your IYW thread got the most votes of that week, but that went out of the window when the beta ended


Is Wattpad working on the so and so mentioned you in a pinned announcement when they really didn’t?

I got this for the official High Fantasy profile and was super excited, thinking they may have mentioned me, but imagine my disappointment when it was just a normal announcement. Grr… This really needs to be fixed. Not cool.


I sent in mine and they need more people to get noticed to the team.

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here at Wattpad Support, and for taking the time to report this issue to us. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this issue may have caused. We hope that we can provide some clarity on this today.

The issue you are describing has been escalated to our Developers, and we are collecting information from other people who are experiencing the same problem to help with our investigation. Please bear with us as we work to resolve this issue on our end.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide any timelines as to when this issue will be resolved, and we definitely understand how frustrating this can be. Hang tight, we are working towards resolving this issue!

Again, we thank you for your patience and continued support,

(Staff note :slight_smile: )




I mean it would make sense depending on is issue just one person or more or a lot. They won’t know anything unless you tell and show them :sweat_smile: (but the bugs are really annoying)


Well there are other people experiencing it so it’s not just me.

I feel like we’re the ones doing most of the work right now with how often tickets are being sent…


I do you make monochromatic covers not fail on wattpad like this one?