Ask the Ambassadors Anything.


In Dutch, the translation is “[Username] wrote on your wall”. On your wall. I always think someone actually wrote on my wall…




I see a problem there…



you can fill out a report


Um, how? I just pressed that ‘help’ button but get the Wattpad site



They hid that very well



Like I said before, I wouldn’t mind if my username actually started showing up everywhere on all these shoutouts.

Wattpad fame within days if that really happened. XD


Reports take far too long to make… Seriously


If things don’t get reported, or people don’t help the Community, then things won’t get changed quickly. The more people who report things as being incorrect, or out of whack or being something that’s a blocker to a good user experience, the more attention they will get and the more likely they are to be fixed.

If folks don’t report things, or rely on others to report things, then they’re far less likely to happen.


Mm, true. But it’d be nice if we got an email saying, “We read your report, and we actually did it :D”. Now you just… Spend a lot of time on a report, and it vanishes in the void. Reports on books instead of language errors like these take much longer


Usually you get an email that they received your report.


That’s a bot


Did you get an email now or not?
Maybe check your ticket record on


Where does one check their ticket record?

And I checked my email, nope



Sign in, click on the three bars and them click on “My activities”

If the ticket was sent it should show up there


My last activity was 2 months ago

Seems like this one didn’t register as I wasn’t logged in


Maybe try again :man_shrugging:t3:


I’ve been facing the same issue. Thought that it was normal since we have subscribed to the profile. Glad to know that I’m not alone. Will report the bug.