Ask the Ambassadors Anything.


It isn’t hidden, tbh. Go to the Help Pages --> Click on the Site Status and Known Issues -->Scroll down to the bottom of the page --> Need more help? Contact Us --> Click on Contact Us --> And you are directed to the Request form.


Jeez, you really have to know where to look if you need to press 4 different buttons to access it. I only learned today how to access the Help page in general


You’ll learn fast :slight_smile: I’m sure about it. I’m a random user who’s still learning…


If I were to make another account with the same email, is it possible that I could lose one of the other?


you can’t make an account with the same email as far as I know.


There used to be but I think they took down the sister app


I have two questions

  1. Where do I ask for 1-on-1 roleplayers?

  2. Where can I advertise my own roleplay story?



for both questions


Thanks for the answer, Matt.


We should have a book dedicated to asking Ambassadors anything. :smiley: What do you think about that idea?


We already have this thread dedicated to that. What more would you put in a book? :thinking:


Can I write a fan fiction about “ask the ambassadors anything”? If so do I have to get permission to use someone’s pf name even if nothing in the fan fiction discredits them or harms their image?


Also Is it possible to block someone on here? And if so would they be able to post on topics I create or be able to see topics I create on here?


You can mute someone here, but when you mute someone you just don’t get any notifications from him/her.
He/she still can post in threads you have created.


Hello people, there’s a thread here that has been closed because of “name calling and personal attacks” despite there being no such thing. The only law it has violated is that it’s not allowed to post private messages in public.

I think this counts as being unfair, as previously several mods had been involved and they were all fine with it. I want some fair judgement, and the possible deletion of all the images which violate the code.

Thank you,

So My Thread Got Shut Down (For No Good Reason)

As I told you in our private messages, there were multiple reasons why your thread was closed, and I also said you were welcome to open a new one as long as you didn’t violate the rules.


No, my issue is that there were no rules violated.

Even the ones that were were not that great bad that an entire thread has gotta get closed down because of it.


Look, I appreciate what you’re trying to do. I understand that most of the mods, like me, are old people here. Most of you are usually busy with full-time jobs, college-work, relationships, or families to take care of, like me. You don’t have enough time to read through entire walls of texts and then evaluate. That’s very much understandable. But what I’m trying to say is that you’re human too, you can do mistakes too, and that’s what happened here.

Firstly, you’re acting like just a picture sharing private messages is some epic crime and needs an entire chat to close and be restarted, instead of a simple deletion of the picture. But that’s not the issue, the issue is that you think we’re “name calling and insulting” one another, which is an exaggeration of the situation at hand.

Like all of you here, I too am a college student. I’m currently looking for a job, trying to keep up my grades, and also get in a relationship. But I’m a science student, I love studying physics, and teaching it to others. So when I’m here, I feel happy teaching people stuff. And I have to ensure that all of that is done in an orderly manner and nobody is insulted. We all come from different stages and different backgrounds, but everyone has the same rights to science, so it is my duty to bring everyone to the same level, clear their doubts, and very much teach them what they don’t know.

Now, all of that aside, when talking about topics like evolution, disagreements are bound to happen. Does that mean you’ll shut down every single topic where disagreements occur?

I hope I’ve been clear with the matter at hand: there has been no name-calling or insulting, only disagreements. Thus I request you to reopen the conversation as there has been a mistake on your side, and delete the images posted in the prior message.


I didn’t see that last one :joy:



I agree completely with @Ariador

Posted images like that did not warrant deleting a whole thread, sure delete the images I’m fine with that — but to close the whole thread?

First of all, no one was being rude or mean. It is a debate thread, occasionally things would get heated with disagreements but not at one point did we throw blantant insults around that you imply.

Especially not insults that warranted a complete shutdown. I call for the reopening of the thread, as you closing it was completely unfair, unwarranted and uncalled for.