Ask the Ambassadors Anything.


Oh, and just to add fuel to the fire: Bob contacted me and took that as an opportunity to bash me and talk to me as if I never respected him. He took the opportunity to write a long paragraph about how I should learn to respect people, and then goes on to comment that I am ignorant for believing in carbon dating, Evolution, etc.


If Bob were upset or not, the intent is clear — because the rest of us were disagreeing with him, he took the opportunity to blow everything out of the water.


Just want to restate because I find this ridiculous. We didn’t break any other rules.

We weren’t throwing insults about.

Now, please, correct your mistake and bring the thread back.


Dude…she’s one of the big guys and you shouldn’t treat her like she’s a kid or instead of getting threads taken down, they could take your whole account down, js.

Anyways, my question to the ambassadors is how can I link my wattpad profile to this profile?


Then just add the link to your wattpad account to your profile description or to Website

(no amb)


Yes she is, but when you are nice to her, she is usually nice to you.

Only T&S can take down an account.
(Only happens when you violated the rules mutiple times or are younger than 13 years old)

Katherine can’t do it even when she wants to and I am sure she will never want to.

But she can suspend someone for a few days, when he/she violates the club guidelines mutiple times or won’t stop harassing a user/other people.


@Angelic_Vamp @TheOrangutan

The Fantasy rising section is gone from the discovery on the web version. It’s happening for a few other users as well. Is this a glitch?


Maybe try again




No way in heck am I sending another ticket to Support about this. I’m sorry, but it’s so frustrating that we as users have to send in tickets before a company can do something about a glitch. I’ve sent in tickets about multiple glitches occurring over the last few months and it’s a tiring process.


Thats strange.
It seems that rising doesn’t exist atm in english.
I forgot to change my settings to english, the screenshot is the german fantasy section


The rising section is showing for other tags though.

Hopefully this isn’t something new Wattpad is working on… It wouldn’t make sense to get rid of the rising section or a major genre.



I haven’t been on that thread for a while now but I trust you, and I agree in fair judgement. Hugs, you. :heart:


Yeah but lately, Support seems to be missing a lot of these glitches…

It’s just tiring and I’ve filled out so many tickets I’m tired of it.


By saying “Now, please, correct your mistake and bring the thread back”?

How is that rude?


Wait what? I pop in to complain about a glitch and I’m suddenly seeing a thread with dramatics in it.


Huh? Dramatics? I came to complain about my thread being unfairly taken down, and suddenly another user is calling me rude. I’m not trying to fight, I don’t even understand what the problem is :joy:


I was just wondering what happened. Based on the way you copied and posted it made it look like there was something going on in another thread.

I’m always looking for threads to join in on that are heated. XD


I would recommend mine… but you know :joy:


“Quickly stalks your profile activity.” XD


I think someone’s thread was shut down and they think it was unfair.