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Do you have any questions or need help in the clubs or on Wattpad? This is where you can ask our friendly Wattpad ambassadors and they’ll try to help you…

Who are the Wattpad ambassadors? We’re regular users like you who volunteer our time to help the Wattpad community. If you want to know more about the Wattpad ambassador program, you can check out our FAQ.

Wenn Ihr lieber auf Deutsch kommunizieren möchtet, in diesem Thread könnt das tun! “Frag die Ambassadors - auf Deutsch!

In case you’re wondering, this is the complete list of all the Community Ambassadors (club moderators), although Wattpad ambassadors from other teams pop in here too.

@KatherineArlene :katherinearlene: - Community ambassador team leader
@Alicia22M :aliciam21:
@PurelyAliyah :purelyaliyah:
@Spruce_Goose :spruce_goose:
@Vintaginity :vintaginity:
@Daninfinity22 :daninfinity22:
@durriza :durriza:
@WorldsInsideMyHead :worldsinsidemyhead:
@xkaydotx :xkaydotx:
@KrystalM :krystalm:
@lhansenauthor :lhansonauthor:
@ClassicImagination :classicimagination:
@MakaylaSophia :makaylasophia:
@maythemayday :maytijssen:
@Prisim :prisim:
@OmaimaAkbar :omaimaakbar:
@PCastasus :pcastasus:
@RachelS8766 :rachels8766:
@Sara91Helal :sara91helal:
@WinterStars :winterstars:
@stpolishook :stpolishook:
@xFakingaSmilex :xfakingasmilex:
@AuteurZ :auteurz:


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How are you? @OmaimaAkbar
Also @maythemayday is MayTijssen


Good catch. Thanks :smiley:

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Isn’t @AWFrasier and @miramallows Mods too?

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Aye, I think the new mods haven’t added themselves. I’ll update the list!


Ok. Was just confused

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Is this a new thread? Did we max the old one?


We didn’t max the old one. The limit is 10k posts. So we will have to wait for a long time. But it became a bit chaotic (too many posts that could be confusing) that we decided, once the AMA thread reaches a certain no. of posts, we’ll create a new one.


Why is the post limits for threads 10K, anyway? I can’t imagine anyone going through 2,500 posts, let alone 10,000.


It’s the standard for Discourse, the platform the clubs are hosted on :smile: we used to have the limit at 1250, but discourse implemented an update a while back that got rid of the limit, making it a standard 10K limit now :disappointed:

However, if you ever create a thread and you don’t want it to go to 10K, and want to close it early and create a new thread, feel free to flag the thread so that a Mod can close it for you :hearts:

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Ohhh I see! Another question is why can’t the thread creator close their own threads? I believe giving them that option would save both the Mods and the members a lot of effort. :slight_smile:

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It’s just easier so that mods know what’s going on, can help at any moment, and can guide users :smile:

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I don’t understand why My badge was taken away
I had rightfully earned the badge false prophet
(Infact it was created for me)

couple of days later it vanished…
It’s not that i am crazy about badges I don’t mind either ways, but i need explanation


I’m not sure, to be honest. Do you know who gave you the badge? Was it a badge and title, or just title?

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It was a title
Nick gave me

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Badge and title*

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Okay, did the title appear next to your name, and also, did you get a notification when it was given to you?

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Yes i had it for 2 days

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Ah, I see :smile: I’m not sure if maybe it was a glitch that got rid of, or not, I’d suggest asking Nick?

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