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I have no clue when it started. Lol. I’m just so confused.


It all started with the silly badges, like the ones for the different cults, and then it expanded from there.

There was a cryptic message given to someone who was demanding a badge that mentioned a curio shop, then there was a curio shop thread, then other characters were created, then other places. Now it’s like a full city with multiple places and characters, and a whole mystery.

I’m not really sure what it’s leading to, but it all originally had to do with badges and people asking about badges.


Oh I know about the badges. Nick gave me one so I guess I must have done something nice lol.


This has the summary I guess… (Makayla gave me so I read it but still choose to ignore them lol)




A man has a goat, a wolf, and a head of cabbage. He comes to a river that has no bridge, but a small boat to cross the river. The boat can hold only one of the three things he has. If he takes over the wolf first, the goat will eat the cabbage. If he take over the cabbage first, the wolf will eat the goat. How does he solve the problem?
-serious question


Take the cabbage and the wolf across first. Go back for the goat after.



Take the goat first, leaving the wolf and the cabbage. Go back, take the wolf, bring it over. Take the goat again and return it to the first location. Take the cabbage, bring it over, leaving it with the wolf. Lastly, fetch the goat and row over one last time.


I totally missed the part where he could only take one. :joy:

But then yeah, @AnnieRosebud has the right answer.


man i love that you guys respond to my serious questions :smiley:


I wonder what happens if there’s a worm in the cabbage?


Then a bird swoops in and steals it. Like one of those big eagles who evidently also steals goats. So now the man only has a wolf.

Problem solved? :joy:

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problem solved, nice!
I’m from Alaska and our eagles would totally steal a goat.


And hey, if the man is savvy he now has an eagle and a wolf. No one would ever mess with him now.


Idk i’m less likely to mess with him if he is hauling around a giant stinking cabbage XD


Hello! So about two weeks ago I posted about an issue with not being able to access notifications after a certain day and number. I was told it was a glitch most likely.

Two weeks later and I cannot reach over half of my notifications again. I haven’t been on for five days and have 2k plus notifications and it will only bring me back as far as two days ago. That leaves three days of comments and notifications impossible to reach. This HAS to be wrong and if it’s not, why is it this way? It makes it impossible to not be on WP every couple days or else you risk not being able to access half of your notifications.

Can someone please shed some light on this and if it’s a known issue still or if this is just how WP is and after a certain day or number of notifications, they just become impossible to access?

A Magic Wand for Notifications...

Have you sent a bug report to HQ?
When yes, did they answer you?


I have but that’s not my question. I’m asking if this is normal and if anyone knows for a fact if this is how WP notifications work.


Though I don’t receive more than 10-15 notifs/day, I can still access notifications of 7 days and more. Looks like a glitch/bug to me :slight_smile:


Did ya hear bout Notre Dam

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