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Hmm, which makes me wonder if it’s a number of notifications thing instead. I’ve never gone above 1k notifications before as I usually answer comments daily but have been super busy this month so I’ve let it slack.

Ever hear about a certain number of notifications being an issue?


Uh-oh. I’ve come across issues about delayed or no notifications. Number doesn’t matter, to be honest.
Could it be a network issue? Just a thought.


I think there might be a limit of notifications that you can access. I can’t say for sure though, as I’m nowhere near as popular to ever have received enough.


I did and I’m pretty devastated. I was just in Paris in December and saw the church but I was there only for three days and didn’t get to see the inside. I kept thinking that I might come back this or next year to see it again… It’s just really sad :frowning_face:


Hi, I also face the same issue. Now, I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not. I always assumed they had a limited per day of old notifications you could check at once. I now tend to check my notifications daily, so I don’t miss much of what’s going on with my stories.

A Magic Wand for Notifications...

That seems like a deeply flawed system but good to know at least. I try and check every day but life gets in the way sometimes and now there’s literally no way to go back and access those comments.

I’ll post on the WP feedback threads to see if there’s something going on with this. Thank you!


I know we can’t create our own threads requesting covers, but if we have the covers already and say changed our username, can we ask for help in our own thread to change the username?

Or does that still count as creating an own thread in multi media designs? Would it be permissible to post the question elsewhere so the question doesn’t get removed?


My account has 22 hours before its gets deleted, because Wattpad thinks i’m younger than 13, yet I made the account a couple weeks after I turned 13, I want to know if there is a way to verify my age to Wattpad before my account is gone for good.
Is there anything I can do?
I already sent a ticket, with a screen shot, and a picture of my Birth Certificate


Not a mod but make sure to backup your work to something like Google Docs or M-Word so you have your work saved if you’re still able to do that.


Kill them as supply of food and cross over by himself… I just made this dark


Nothing dark about eating


You should have received a message from headquarters. All sorted.


someone is trying to get me banned because of the gods characters in my poorly made book and when they told me they i said “i made a god that doesn’t exist and i dont really care about gods i dont really believe in them” and they said they are gonna get me banned for bullying, sexual harassment, and Photoshop me name and pfp on a fake account saying bad things to get me banned because i apparently made fun of the god if they come to you saying anything about please dont believe a word they say and check the chats they say the messages are from and no i cant screenshot anything because im on a old crappy commuter


thats harassment : o


Another user can’t get you banned. So if you haven’t violated the guidelines, you’re safe.
However, I think you should mute that user so they won’t be able to send you any messages and comment on your stories.


Why is my follower count dropping so much? I’ve almost lost ten since this morning. Is this a glitch?


Maybe they purged some spam accounts today.


Hopefully that’s all it is. Sigh. The long road to 1K continues. XD


The same thing happened to me. They just got rid of spam accounts.


Okay, thanks. It was so confusing lol.