Ask the Ambassadors Anything


My pleasure :smile:

I do find it odd. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered that issue and I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to go back way further than a couple of days. So if it continues, then yep. Ticket time!

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Hm, okay, but why is a limit needed? What’s it for?

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Its set as default by discourse. Idk why.


I’ve seen lots of posts/topics concerning badges lately. Is there some sort of game going on in the forums? :thinking:


Nop. Some people are just curious how to get specific new badges and titles made by Nick.


Ah, I see. And who is this “Nick”?



This guy. :goat:


Awhile back, there were some silly badges given out for various reasons and some cryptic messages to go along with them. Someone started a thread about it over the weekend, and that led to more badges and clues.

All of the information gathered is here if you want to follow along:

It’s been pretty fun :joy:


Ah, I see. Thank you for this resource! I will be sure to check it out some more!


I’ve seen people talk about “summoning” him. What’s the deal with that? And how would one even go about such a thing?


It is said that if you summon him in the right way you will get the “Cult of the Goat” badge


Ah, I see. And Nick makes badges for pure enjoyment?


Ask him yourself. He will most likely answer you


How so?


The link I posted has a comment that explains how to summon him and what you may get out of it.

I quoted that section and tagged you on that thread.

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Thank you!


What address do I need to put in discourse app to access these forums on mobile? Any one knows?

#78 :slight_smile:



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I think there’s a limit when u voted in successive manner (seconds apart or too close) . I believe it has a limit to verify the books’ authenticity to readers.