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Hi, I still can’t get the hang of sharing my stories


You can read this article for more info-

You can have a look at this thread for more info-

P.S: I’m not an Ambassador, btw :slight_smile:


Also it seems that you’re new on Wattpad. You need to have a certain trust level to be able to post or add links. You can read the details here: Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


Thanks a lot. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t an ambassador

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Probably. Im still in level 1


You should have no problem to share you story as you are already trust level basic user.

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I was talking about the likes limit on the forums. I already knew about the spamblock on votes. :slight_smile:


Is there any way I can get my like count restored without waiting for it to reset naturally?


Kindly please close my old thread thank you.


Hi there, done!

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Thank you!

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Hello, I am writing French stories, and I need some help!
I don’t know how to proceed to create a thread in French, or how to get to ‘meet’ French users.
All the posts and threads are in English and so I get very few readers!
Help please!

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Salut Agathe,
il y a des fils de langue dans le café (pour bavarder) ou dans IYW (pour parler de l’écriture). De plus, à ma connaissance, nous en avons également dans les clubs de genre (par example, fantaisie). Donc, je suggérerais de chercher dans les discussions, voir si tu trouves quelque chose, sinon, T’es invité à poster une discussion pour les autres auteurs français.


If you could only eat one type of sweet for the rest of your life what would it be, serious question.


Without a doubt, black licourish! :muscle:

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Are you dutch, Only people I’ve ever met that liked that stuff!


I’m Danish and Faroese :denmark::faroe_islands: :smile:


also do you know why after i uploaded a profile picture i still don’t appear to have one on the forums?
I’m probably missing something simple…

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Log out of the forums and then log back in!


Thank you!