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I don’t know if you know these. But these are the sweets that I can eat for a lifetime. It’s called Kaju Barfi xD



OH wow awesome i didn’t know about them, now i know what to make this weekend :smiley:


Let me know how it comes out :heart:

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Here’s the recipe of Kaju Barfi :slight_smile:

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I looked on google but much rather use a recommended one, thank you!

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What kind of question is this?


Random crazy question; when can I post my own thread? OwO


You have to hit trust level one I believe. It explains here:


As soon as you reach Trust level basic user

Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


why am i under lab experiment?
@KatherineArlene :katherinearlene: - Community ambassador team leader
@Alicia22M :aliciam21:
@PurelyAliyah :purelyaliyah:
@Spruce_Goose :spruce_goose:
@Vintaginity :vintaginity:
@Daninfinity22 :daninfinity22:
@durriza :durriza:
@WorldsInsideMyHead :worldsinsidemyhead:
@xkaydotx :xkaydotx:
@KrystalM :krystalm:
@lhansenauthor :lhansonauthor:
@ClassicImagination :classicimagination:
@MakaylaSophia :makaylasophia:
@maythemayday :maytijssen:
@Prisim :prisim:
@OmaimaAkbar :omaimaakbar:
@PCastasus :pcastasus:
@RachelS8766 :rachels8766:
@Sara91Helal :sara91helal:
@WinterStars :winterstars:
@stpolishook :stpolishook:
@xFakingaSmilex :xfakingasmilex:
@AuteurZ :auteurz:

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Hi, you don’t need to tag all of the Ambassadors. We all check this thread and will answer you as soon as we can.

Lab Experiment is a title given to those who have joined the testgroup group, which is why you have the title.


well i needed a answer right away.
lab experiment? so we get the latest update or what?


No. Its just a title that you got by joining the only existing open group (but it is no longer useable for us)

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I STILL DONT GET IT… :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


When you take a look here you can see that you are a member of the last group.
All members of this group have the title Lab Experiments

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It doesn’t mean anything. Back when the threads were in beta, we experimented with private groups. The feature never made it past the testing stages but the badge remains for shits and giggles.


Like I said, the Ambassadors are frequently checking this thread and will respond to you when they are available.

Some user groups come with different titles. During the beta of the forums, a group was titled “testgroup” and users can click join on their own. It remained after the beta.

Here’s the full list of groups:


okay thank you!


okay thanks!


Hi, if you are still looking for French threads, this one is pretty active but mainly focuses on science-fiction and supernatural genres (although people do chit-chat about anything in there !).