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Try to refresh or log out.

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Dark (hershey) chocolate.

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Super confused about something…so my book just got added to 7 different reading lists all at once. At first, I thought that was awesome, but when I checked out the users to thank them, all but one had joined wattpad within the last 12 hours.

I’m a pretty small writer on here (I’ve only got 2 regular readers. Occasionally others will pop in to check out the first chapter, but most of my reads come from critique exchanges), I’m not on any major reading lists, and I only really get added to maybe 1 new reading list a week. Is it me, or is this kind of…odd?


Your profile or books might be popping up as recommendations for new users on the site. That happens and that’s good :smile:

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Maybe? I’ve seriously never gotten this much attention before (except from hacked accounts that just spam follow people). It feels kind of weird. I hope it’s from recommendations!


It might also be that a very large account has added your book to their reading list and now a lot of their followers are coming to you - if their account is recommended to new ones too, the new ones jump to theirs and see your book on their reading list.

Wattpad is a fickle thing. Better just lean back and enjoy your new stream of traffic :smile:


Fair point - thanks! (its just so weird to be getting attention!)


Hah, I know the feeling :smile:


Hold up - Wattpad’s ranks are very broken today. I somehow ended up as #1 in #sciencefiction???

I guess that explains it?


Or you are actually ranking #1 in sciencefiction! I know the HQ are trying to fix glitches and bugs related to tag ranking.

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Well, I’ll be damned. You are #1 in Sci-Fi :joy: Congrats!


Hi, where do I get the community on my phone or is it web based only?

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You can download the Discourse app onto your phone and access it from there.


There is a wattpad community app :grin:


p.s you can’t find it in play store


Where did you find it? Or are you talking about the discourse app?


Not the discourse app. I think it is only a feature people with a high android version have

just click on this symbol and then you get an app


Interesting. I don’t have that on my android so I guess it’s not ‘high android’. Although it is an old phone. LOL


Which version of Samsung Internet do you have?


I have a Motorola phone and use Firefox for web.

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Shortcut creators are usually restricted to the default browsers on mobile! :smiley:

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