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ah ok. Maybe is that. I use Samsung Internet

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@Spruce_Goose I love you! you are the best :heart:

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Hi, I think you can help me, hehe


I just created a blog but for Spanish speaking and I do not know how to promote it


Heyo. Do you guys just roam about the forums or do you have like scheduled patrols? Just curious


We roam. We have a minimum of 4 hours per week we’re required to do, but no required times in which we do them. So anybody can be on or off at any given time.


You can promote it from your profile on the main site. :slight_smile:

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thank you!


A friend of mine apparently can’t change their title because there’s no option for it.

What’s going on? :confused:


It doesn’t look like they have any badges that can be used as a title. Besides Path of the Void, I don’t either.

Before I got my first title badge, I didn’t have the box at all either. I remember trying to choose a title and was like “how the heck are people doing this?!”


They have the Beta Test Survivor badge.


I don’t see it on their list of badges. It’s the person in that screenshot, yes? Are they sure they have that badge?


That’s weird. If you go into this thread you’ll see that they have Beta Test Survivor as a title.

What’s going on :confounded:


How bizarre! Well I know in my experience, not having a title badge was the reason (I assume) a box didn’t show up on my page, because as soon as I got one, it randomly appeared.

If I had to guess, I’d say her box isn’t appearing because it’s not in her list of badges. But why it’s not there is beyond me.

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It probably has to do with how Lauren gave out the Beta Test Survivor badge and the fact they don’t have any other titles. That’s my only guess.


How was the Beta Test Survivor badge given out?


I don’t know how titles are given out since that’s above my status I’m afraid. I just know she gave them out so it probably has something to do with it. I asked to see if there’s anything we can do so hopefully someone can come along to clarify.


Okay they should be able to change it now. I was able to grant them the badge they were missing so the option to take it off should hopefully appear.

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cómo se obtienen más insignias y de ese tipo?


Oye, obtienes más insignias cuando participas en el foro. Algunas insignias que obtienes por recibir una cantidad específica de me gusta y así sucesivamente. Pero también hay algunas insignias como “Greatness” que solo puedes obtener de un administrador, si has hecho algo bueno y útil y el administrador cree que lo mereces.
(sorry if this is a bit wrong translated. Used Google Translate.)

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