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Desafortunadamente no entiendo español, así que esto fue escrito con el traductor de Google. Pero la gente puede ganar las insignias. Cada insignia dice cómo cuando hacen clic en ellos.


Oh thank you very much. I also use translator hehehe


Oh thank you very much. I also use translator hehehe I hope to share more here with you, it is exciting to be here!


Hi @queencheeks123,

First, welcome to the forums and Wattpad!

Directing people to your story outside of #share-your-story and #story-services is not allowed. Because of this, I have removed your comment.

If you’d like to share your story with other, you may do so once a week in #share-your-story by using one of the proper threads. Please read the pinned guidelines there.

If you are seeking help with your story, check out #story-services!

Please take a look at the forum guidelines: Cafe Club Guidelines

If you need more help exploring the forums, please do let me know! You’re already in the right thread to ask. :smiley:


I apologize for the inconvenience as I was unaware. Thank you for being polite and for the help because I was so lost at first but I think Im getting the hang of this, I appreciate it :}


It no problem :smile: We’re all new at some point. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask!


Sent you a PM on the main site.


Hey question about the share-your-stories. I noticed that the romance has threads for it’s subgenres, one of those being Romantic Fantasy. I was wondering if I could share my Fantastic Romance there, or if it would be better placed in one of the fantasy subgenres.


You can do either as long as you have both tagged. Just don’t post in the both at the same time. Only post it in one thread a week :smile:


Hola! me llamo Fiorela, utilizo wattpad desde el 2015, y jamas vi esta parte, solo me limitaba a leer. En fin, estoy tratando de aprender a usarlo en su totalidad, ¿me pueden ayudar y obvio explicar?.
Gracias <3



¡Hola! :smiley:

Puedes aprender a usar los foros aquí. También puedes aprender sobre los niveles de confianza aquí. Aquí hay una lista de las guías del club.


Mejora tu escritura

Comparte tu historia

El pub

Información privilegiada de la industria


Clubes de genero

Si todavía tiene preguntas, no dude en preguntar. :blush:


Lo siento pero aun no entiendo, esto de los foros es como un chat? como charlo?


Sí, es como chats. Puedes chatear con diferentes usuarios en hilos. Puede iniciar un tema o unirse a temas para chatear con los usuarios. :smiley:


I would like to know what an author has to do to have their book featured on Wattpad? Thank you.


Any club mods online that can help me with something?


Hey maybe this thread helps
Incoming Changes to Featuring


What’s up?


Someone posted a long wall of emoji’s in a thread I’m on. It makes it super annoying to scroll through.

Can you do something about it?


I’ll drop a note and remove the comments :hearts:


Thank you! :sparkles: