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Two questions before I request. Would you be willing to do a cover for a story that hasn’t been posted yet but will be soon-ish? Also, would you be willing to do a cover for more than one story? I have three stories that go together

Yep and yep :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, in that case, I think I will request the one first and if I like it I will request the rest. Anyhoo…

Requesting A Cover…

Title: Fragments of Bravery

Subtitle: Akiri

Author: Rainbow-Mage

Short Summary: A warrior joins a group of adventurers seeking glory for her clan and ends up fighting cultists who are trying to revive dead gods. Written in the style of a diary from the perspective of the character Akiri Steelfang

Genre: Fantasy

Colours/Mood: Heroic I suppose, green as the primary color

Ideas (at least one): The hilt of a rapier surrounded by green fire as the primary focus of the cover

Inspo (other similar graphics + include at least one): Some examples: , , also, here is an old cover from when I had this posted pre-editing. As you can see, it has my old username on it. Perhaps something similar to it with much less black and an easier to read titile?: fragments of bravery cover

Anything Else: Could you put the subtitle right beneath the title? Also, please no people on the cover. Thanks, will complete the payment now

Password: Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

Requesting A Cover…

Title: The Pirate Kings

Subtitle: From “The Chronicles Of The After-World”

Author: A. Morningstar

Short Summary: Isabelle lives a peaceful and luxurious life in the capital of Atlas, Libercity: a wealthy and well advanced technologic nation. But everything she ever suspected on the government becomes a reality when a dreadful rebellion has place in the Longevity club. That night, a stranger saves her life, and a hooded man begins to chase her into the crowded streets. And only when she gets kidnapped by some weird people Isabelle will unveil the truth that has been hidden by the Masters for all these decades. The idyllic and perfect society she thought she was living in has a thick veil of dark and deep secrets that carries with it the pain of a long generation of humans - and animals.

Genre: science-fiction

Colours/Mood: Bright and grey

Ideas (at least one): I have a really detailed image of how I’d like my cover. There is a beach and a girl is standing up from behind. On the background there is a metropoly with high buildings colored in grey. Behind the girl foreground there’s a rock with a flag inserted in it. On the flag it’s painted a skull with a butterfly on top. The colors of this flag has to be red and gold.

Inspo (other similar graphics + include at least one): here’s how i see the skull on the flagimage

Anything Else: Password: Wannabe - itzy

oh i forgot to say that the girl’s hair are long and curly and she’s a dark skinned person ^^

@Rainbow-Mage Accepted! Please complete payment.
@Athevnas Denied. I don’t accept threadhopping, sorry.

I seem to be following already. Want me to comment on a chapter or something instead?

Only if you’d like to. Otherwise, since you’re following me already, you don’t have to do anything except credit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Rainbow-Mage Here’s your cover! Lmk what you think!


I love it! Though I think there’s a typo in the subtitle, character’s name’s ‘Akiri’

But yeah, I will be using it, thanks so much! =)

My bad! Will fix that now, give me a minute!

@Rainbow-Mage Here you go :slightly_smiling_face: Don’t forget to credit in story’s bio/description!


b u m p

bumpity bump

Requesting another two since I loved the one you made. these next two are kind of part of the series

Requesting A Cover…

Title: Fragments of Power

Subtitle: Vintus

Author: Rainbow-Mage

Short Summary: A man starts a journey to find his missing father only to end up on a quest to stop cultists from reviving dead gods. Written from the perspective of the character Vintus

Genre: Fantasy

Colours/Mood: powerful, mostly red as the color

Ideas (at least one): A dagger surrounded by red fire (not orange fire)

Inspo (other similar graphics + include at least one): This is a companion book to Fragments of Bravery, the book you made a cover for already, so I’d like it to kinda match it. Anyway, here’s some pics. nothing too fancy on the dagger, Vintus prefers things simple. and here’s some red fire.

Anything Else: Like the last one, please no people. And please put the subtitle right under the title. Password: March of Mephisto - Kamelot (might as well put a different song for the password since you said you’re looking for new music)

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Accepted! Adding you to the queue now ^-^

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Requesting A Cover…

Title: [Pretty Ugly]

Subtitle: [*n/a]

Author: [Kmatiese]

Short Summary: [Tired of her dating experience, cass makes a wish that will change her physical appearance for the worst. But surprisingly, it changes her love life for the better. ]

Genre: [Romance

Colours/Mood: [pink/light blue. intended for young adults so nothing too childish]

Ideas (at least one): [two girls beside each other, one geeky & one conventionally pretty/ a geeky girl on the cover/ a girl with numerous suitors behind her/ main character is in her 20’s]

Inspo (other similar graphics + include at least one): [text here]

Anything Else: [nope! i’m not picky as i am aware that this concept may be tricky. but whether you can accept it or not, thankyou in advance]